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Top Gun (1986) Soundboard

Top Gun (1986) Soundboard

Top Gun (1986) is an iconic American action drama film directed by Tony Scott. Starring Tom Cruise as Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, this movie takes us on a thrill ride through the adrenaline-fueled world of Navy fighter pilots.

Set in the elite Naval Fighter Weapons School, known as Top Gun, Maverick is a talented but reckless pilot always pushing the limits. Alongside his best friend and co-pilot, Goose (Anthony Edwards), they navigate the dangerous skies of their training exercises, vying for the coveted title of Top Gun.

The cast of Top Gun also includes Kelly McGillis as Charlie, a beautiful astrophysicist who catches Maverick's eye, and Val Kilmer as the equally skilled but arrogant rival pilot, Iceman. With their intense dogfights, exhilarating aerial stunts, and potent mix of camaraderie and rivalry, the movie has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Top Gun is renowned for its groundbreaking aerial sequences, offering an unmatched cinematic experience. The high-flying action, combined with a pulsating soundtrack, propelled this film to legendary status. The soundtrack features iconic songs like "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins, "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin, and "Playing with the Boys" by Kenny Loggins, which add an extra layer of excitement and emotion to the story.

If you're a fan of these unforgettable tunes, you can find and download the Top Gun soundtrack by following the link provided. There, you can relive the unforgettable moments of this movie through its incredible music.

As we follow Maverick's journey, we witness his inner struggle to balance his desire for greatness with his fear of losing those he cares about. This gripping narrative, paired with remarkable performances by the talented cast, brings the characters to life and leaves a lasting impact on the audience.

Top Gun proved to be a massive success upon its release in 1986, grossing over $356 million worldwide. It also earned an Academy Award for Best Original Song for "Take My Breath Away," as well as nominations for Best Film Editing and Best Sound.

Beyond its commercial success, Top Gun became a cultural phenomenon, launching Tom Cruise's career into the stratosphere and inspiring a new generation of young pilots. Its influence on pop culture is still felt today, with references and homages in numerous films, TV shows, and songs.

Whether you're an aviation enthusiast, a lover of action films, or simply enjoy a good coming-of-age story, Top Gun is a must-watch classic. With its thrilling aerial battles, captivating characters, and an unforgettable soundtrack, this movie continues to entertain and inspire audiences over three decades after its release.

So, if you're looking for an electrifying cinematic experience, why not take a trip back to 1986 and soar into the wild blue yonder with Top Gun? You can play and download the sounds of this legendary film by visiting the link provided and reliving the adrenaline rush whenever you like. Get ready for an epic journey and let the Maverick inside you take flight!

A good pilot is compelled to always evaluate what's happened so he can apply what he's learned
A rescue operation is to begin within the hour your mission is to give air support to that rescue
A rolling reversal would work well in that situation
Actually I came in here to save you from making a big mistake with that older guy really so I could go on to a bigger one with a young guy like yourself
Admiral's daughter
Air speed 300 go get him mav
Air speed is still increasing
Aircraft one performs a split s
All right freeze frame
All right gentlemen we have a hop to take
All right talk to me goose
All right thank you carole i'm gonna go embarrass myself with goose for a while
All right what's their position a hundred and eighty miles at bearing 010 sir
All right you got a bogey at 2 o'clock low maverick
All right, Jester, I'll give you a run for your money here.
All right! all right! all right all right
All right! yes!
Altitude 8000 7000
An old friend
And although we're not at war we must always act as though we are at war
And broke a major rule of engagement
And I just don't want anyone to know that i've fallen for you
And if you don't give me a call i'll fly with you
And it doesn't bleed energy below 300 knots like the mig 28
And let's not bullshit maverick your family name ain't the best in the navy
And maverick you back them up with merlin on ready five yes sir
And second
And the second
And then I thought about it
And they have the option to come back here to be top gun instructors
And you asshole you're lucky to be here thank you sir
And you you always go home with the hot women
Any of you boys seen an aircraft carrier around here
Approaching 110 miles sir
Are we supposed to have visitors today negative sir
Are you a good pilot
At what range no about two meters it was actually about one and a half I think it was one and a half
Baby baby I get down on my knees for you
Banking left banking left
Better to retire and save your aircraft than push a bad position
Bingo maverick's dead you're out of there kid shit
Bingo! wash that sucker yeah!
Blinds please
Bogeys like fireflies all over the sky
Bogies like fireflies all over the sky
Bogies' air speed 650 we're a little close together let's take a wider split
Both catapults are broken we can't launch any aircraft yet sir
Break left! i'm hit! i'm hit! we're coming apart! I can't control it! hold on! zero for twenty! we're going down!
Break now jester
Break right!
Bring it back hard right help me engage
Bullshit ten minutes this thing will be over in two minutes get on it!
Bullshit you can be mine
Bullshit. You can be mine.
But at that speed, it's too fast. It's a little bit too aggressive.
But he'd have flown anyway without you
But I held something back
But I wasn't gonna leave without saying goodbye
But if I reversed on a hard cross I could immediately go to guns on them
But if the government trusts me maybe you could
But it's like every time we go up there it's like you're flying against a ghost
But not her she just sit up there alone just listening hours just listening
But please understand I still have a job to do
But she's lost that loving feeling she's lost
But there will be others you can count on it
But who the hell knows it's all classified
But you better listen to her because the pentagon listens to her about your proficiency
But you can be my wingman anytime.
But you remember one thing you screw up just this much you'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of hong kong
By the end of vietnam that ratio was back up to 12 to 1
Can I get you a drink or anything else like that no thank you
Charlie jump in here anytime
Come around come around that's it that's it
Come in
Come off high right ice i'm in
Come on baby
Come on baby come on baby
Come on bring it right
Come on brother sing with the family
Come on buddy pull up pull up cougar
Come on come on come on
Come on come on come on keep coming keep coming!
Come on come on jesus christ
Come on god damn it
Come on he told me all about the time you went ballistic with penny benjamin
Come on ice get the hell out of there
Come on ice get the hell out of there!
Come on jester let's see if I can give you a run for your money here
Come on kid come on get in there engage
Come on kid hang in there
Come on let's get back in the game maverick! come on! get in there maverick!
Come on lock up baby lock up baby lock up I got him locked bingo
Come on mav a bet's a bet
Come on mav do some of that pilot shit
Come on mav four to seven let's get them those guys are animals
Come on mav keep coming
Come on mav let's get in there! come on mav!
Come on mav we're getting low on gas let's land this sucker
Come on we can take them
Come on we got to help ice
Come on we've seen this before
Come on where you guys going you walking away we won we won
Come on, baby.
Come on, goddamn it.
Come on! maverick! what the hell are you doing
Come on. Jesus Christ, Ice. Take the shot. Get the hell out of there.
Coming in ice coming in
Coming in ice i'm coming in
Commander mike metcalf callsign viper
Communicating keeping up foreign relations I was you know giving him the bird you know the finger
Congratulations on top gun thank you
Congratulations thank you
Congratulations thank you sir
Congratulations thanks mav
Contact multiple bogies 165
Cougar and merlin and maverick and goose
Cougar he's got missile lock on us get away from this guy
Cougar i'm gonna go head to head with him
Cougar it is time to land let's do it
Cougar this is maverick
Cougar was doing just fine uh huh
Cougar we got to land this thing we are way low on gas you understand me
Cougar we're running low on gas we got to get out of here cougar
Cougar you hear that
Cougar you're well below glide path three quarters of a mile call the ball
Cougar you've got mig one i'm going after mig two
Cougar your tail is clear mig one's bugged out
Cougar, come on!
Cougar, we've got to land this thing. We are way low on gas.
Crash and burn huh mav
Crashed and burned on the first one it wasn't pretty
Damn it
Damn it I missed!
Damn this kid's good
Dead ahead now 8 miles
Did he well that's great
Do not fire until fired upon
Doesn't he ever embarrass you goose hell no
Don't let him go keep on him mav keep on him
Don't screw around with me maverick
Don't tease me
Don't worry goose don't worry
Don't you leave me maverick
During korea the navy kill ratio was 12 to 1 we shot down 12 of their jets for every one of ours during vietnam that ratio fell to 3 to 1
Easy cougar
Easy cougar just a walk in the park buddy
Easy, Cougar. Just a walk in the park, buddy.
Eight hundred knots dead ahead now 8 miles
Either obey them or you're history is that clear
Eject! eject! eject!
Engine one is out
Engine two is out!
Even though the other side denies the incident
Even though the other side denies the incident, congratulations.
Every encounter is gonna be much more difficult
Everybody liked him
Except you did forget the wine oh sorry
Excuse me lieutenant ls there something wrong
Excuse me may I please
Excuse me miss
Excuse me sir yes this is not personal but with regard to maverick is he the best backup that l know what's on your mind kazansky just get on it
Excuse me something I should know about
Excuse me, sir. This is not personal.
Fire or clear!
First one dies you die too
First place iceman second place maverick just two points behind
First you've acquired enough points to show up tomorrow and graduate with your top gun class
Five more seconds
Flies by the seat of his pants completely unpredictable
Follow me
For five weeks you're gonna fly against the best fighter pilots in the world
Freeze there please
Gentlemen good luck gentlemen thank you sir thank you
Gentlemen I hate to break up the party before it really gets out of hand but there is work to be done
Gentlemen this is bull's eye
Gentlemen this is hop 19
Gentlemen this is the real thing this is what you've been trained for
Gentlemen this is your first hop
Gentlemen this school is about combat
Gentlemen you are the top one percent of all naval aviators
Gentlemen you had a hell of a first day
Get a bearing on hollywood and wolfman and launch the rescue helicopter immediately
Get a bearing on Hollywood and Wolfman. Launch the rescue helicopter.
Get control mav! get control!
Get him on deck as soon as possible he's got to be low on fuel
Get him up flying soon
Get him up flying, soon.
Get in there maverick! he won't last down there alone! get in the fight for christ's sake! maverick! maverick!
Get in there maverick! you can't leave him!
Get out of here
Get out of there hollywood! get out of there goddamn it!
Get your butts above the hard deck and return to base
Get your butts above the hard deck and return to base immediately
Ghost rider take angels ten left 30
Ghost rider this is strike
Ghost rider you are instructed to land land immediately
Go fetch him. Doesn't he ever embarrass you?
God buttnose!
God damn it
God damn it maverick
God damn it maverick!
God damn it mustang this is ghost rider one one seven this bogey's all over me
God damn it this bogey's all over me
God damn it! maverick's disengaging! I knew it! shit!
God damn that guy
God damn you maverick
God he loved flying with you maverick
God help us
God I want him back