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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A bunch of stool pigeons wound up in the trunks of their cars they questioned nicky
A casino boss and his wife were killed the bulls questioned nicky
A couple guys I owe them so I gave them the money that's what I did yeah yeah
A dealer from the sirocco they questioned nicky
A fuckin' pink robe and a fuckin' cigarette holder
A gaming control board investigation of tangiers executive sam rothstein's application for a gaming license is underway
A hundred dollars whoever hits the plane
A lawyer
A little butter right not a lot you know why right yeah why 'cause it clogs up your heart
A lot of things gonna change out here
A man who will take you inside the real las vegas as no one has ever done before
A million times I wanted to yell in his fuckin' ear this is las vegas we're supposed to be out here robbin' you dumb fuckin' hebe
A powerful man
A tremendous earner for these guys
About 20 pounds that's around 700000 uh huh good
About a year ago he cleaned out a couple of casinos in the cayman islands
About mr rothstein
Accused the state's top gaming officials of corruption
Ace don't do it oh no no oh no
Ace got down at six get me down at six
Ace got my son little nicky involved in little league
Ace listen don't make a scene all right
Ace listen to me there's nothing I can do
Ace made more money for them on a weekend than I could do heisting joints for a month
Ace rothstein was a hell of a handicapper I can tell you that
Ace saw vegas one way
Ace tell him the line on the bear game eight
Ace was so fuckin' worried about his casino he forgot what we were doin' out here in the first place
Ace what happened over there did you know that guy was with me
Actually I couldn't because I wasn't even supposed to be doin' it
After a while we'd just take breathers from each other you know little separations
After all the threats and all the bullshit it turned out ginger didn't tell them anything
After ginger took off she wasn't much help to anybody
After the tangiers the big corporations took it all over
After the teamsters got knocked out of the box the corporations tore down practically every one of the old casinos
After they found her body I had a private doctor do another autopsy
After we ate we left jennifer and ginger alone and we took a ride to talk
Again I said frickin' head
Ah but that was long ago
Ah dominick ah dom
Ah yes here we are little craps figures
All I ask is a fair hearing
All I gotta do is take care of four or five of those fuckin' guys the rest will fall right into place
All I know is that green was an arizona real estate hustler who barely had enough gas money to come and pick up his own fuckin' check
All my papers and things I have to get them so don't let him come up here
All of a sudden you're the shoulder to cry on did you at least tell her about your little role in that whole situation
All right all right
All right all right understand
All right all right where are you i'll send a plane for you right away
All right be careful
All right I didn't have lunch with jennifer okay
All right I just bought us a few minutes
All right I will
All right i'm gonna follow her
All right i'm gonna give you a choice
All right let me know as soon as you can find out
All right let's check the kitchen first excuse us one second come on i'll show you
All right strip him
All right thanks
All right we're clear there's more I think that's it
All right well we'll move on to
All right who's gonna give me that
All they had to do was ring the bell and take money
All this stuff doesn't mean anything money this doesn't mean anything without trust I have to be able to trust you with my life
All those fuckin' sweeps
All you do is give me answers just give me the right answer
Always the dollars always the fuckin' dollars
Amy! amy open the door! I can't! i'm tied!
And after all this time and as hard as I tried as much as I wanted I could never reach her I could never make her love me
And along with making us legit comes cash tons of it
And as if things weren't bad enough in comes piscano the kansas city under boss
And at the end of the day they finally came to see me with the pictures
And at the worst possible time for me
And because of that the miserable sons of bitches that they are they never once caught me doin' anything I couldn't handle
And believe me if it goes bad for me it's gonna go bad for a lot of people
And by the way send over a nice bottle of champagne on ice sure will real special
And can the integrity of state gaming laws be jeopardized by a boyhood friendship
And don't forget to tell your friends what happens if they fuck around here
And everybody began to tumble one after the other just like dominoes
And for a while I believed that's the kind of love I had
And from then on I couldn't be seen talking to him anywhere in vegas or near it
And he had ginger the woman he loved on his arm
And he was supposed to be our squeaky clean front man
And he's probably got it there too
And he's with the bogey I think it's frankie
And I appreciate the fact that he's your brother in law and I do want to help you and I like to do favors and I know who you are but I cannot do that
And I decided to complicate my life
And I didn't want any of those agents near my place
And I don't care what you have to do to 'em to get 'em understand
And I don't feel like waiting anymore
And I explained to you there was the possibility you might have to take some kind of loss
And I mean that's no good
And I opened up my own jewelry store too the gold rush
And I still get my money
And i'm sending this kid to bolivia in a fuckin' box!
And if and when they do find out that they just got zapped by a cattle prod they wish they really did have a heart attack
And if there are kids especially i'll take care of you better than you'd ever imagine
And if we could set up some kind of foundation based on that mutual respect I feel eventually you would care enough about me that I could live with that
And if you beat him with a gun you better kill him because he'll keep coming back and back until one of you is dead
And if you order room service you're lucky if you get it by thursday
And if you'll think about our little problem along them lines
And it was up to this guy right here standin' in front of about two million dollars to skim the cash off the top without anybody gettin' wise the irs or anybody
And it would be great if you guys could just follow me out of here because he's been threatening me!
And just about the time that i'm comin' out of jail hopefully you'll be comin' out of your coma and guess what i'll split your fuckin' head open again
And later I realized I didn't want to give her the money because if I did I knew i'd never see her again
And let me tell you the fuckin' bottom line here is cash
And little did anybody know where this would lead
And mow 'em down
And nicky being nicky he made his presence known
And nicky's dedication to his job
And nobody interfered with the fuckin' skim
And now ladies and gentlemen the new entertainment director of the tangiers hotel casino mr sam rothstein
And now my consolation is in the stardust of a song
And now nicholas santoro will come up and tell us about our first president
And of course it was the bosses' man
And once he was back he played small
And over the years he always made money with it
And since i'd either be in jail or locked in a closet when I needed the money the most
And so whatever happens if it doesn't work out between us i'm gonna make sure you're okay for the rest of your life
And somehow she could never turn him down
And that's how they got ace to take over
And that's just what these hustlers look for
And that's that
And that's what vegas is all about
And that's where you had to go if you wanted to borrow money to buy a casino
And the best part was that upstairs the board of directors didn't know what the fuck was going on
And the bosses they couldn't be happier
And the bosses were no better I mean they complained because things don't run smooth
And the casinos can be fined as much as $100000 every time he shows up
And the damn thing is they gonna hear all this stuff about las vegas and the casinos and suitcases and that's it
And their cash flows from the tables to our boxes through the cage and into the most sacred room in the casino
And then he hit me with it
And then there was bernie blue this guy can bypass any alarm for me
And they all got a piece of the score
And they were usually right
And they would meet in the back of this produce market in kansas city
And this is how she backed him off
And this is stacy stacy
And this sheriff's a real cowboy
And to play it safe I switched job titles again and made myself food and beverage director
And to tell you the truth I don't blame him
And what and let you disgrace me you fuckin' pig let you disgrace me
And what happens next you can't believe it
And what the fuck are you doin' on tv anyhow
And when he was told to give a pension fund loan to philip green
And when she showed up and started demanding some money
And where did the money come from to rebuild the pyramids junk bonds
And where the fuck is the money I don't see any money
And where they got green from
And while the kids play cardboard pirates mommy and daddy drop the house payments and junior's college money on the poker slots
And who better than ace I mean he was already in vegas a couple years and he had the fuckin' place clocked
And who knows who's gonna be comin' along in that time
And why mess up a good thing
And with ginger happy I was able to concentrate on what I knew best
And you can always tell a great kitchen like ours because of the milk fed veal
And you didn't gamble that fuckin' money and you stand here and tell me that
And you do thank you very much take care of yourself
And you know i've got ice behind my head
And you'll forgive me for sayin' it maybe he did not deserve to be fired
And you're embarrassing me
Andy go see him tell him maybe it's time he should quit
Andy stone who gave all the orders
Angelo and buster
Another billionaire cheapskate who loved his free rooms free private jets and two million of our money
Any change
Anything goes wrong with the casino it's my ass it's not yours it's my ass
Anywhere else in the country I was a bookie a gambler always lookin' over my shoulder hassled by cops day and night
Are they out now
Are uh are we certain that you want the gaming control board eyeballing your record and your gangster pals like nicky santoro
Are you out of your fucking mind you tie up our kid and lock the fucking door are you out of your mind
Are you sure i'm positive
Are you threatening me i'll fuckin' kill you in this place
Are you watching for him
Aren't you gettin' tired of all this shit hangin' around hustling
Artie no records artie what are you gonna do with records pay taxes
As far as the world was concerned andy stone the head of the teamsters' pension fund was a legitimate guy
As far as they knew he could have talked otherwise stoney might still be alive
As much as they liked him I mean he wasn't one of us he wasn't italian
As soon as he took over he doubled the fuckin' drop
As the head of the tangiers gaming corporation it's my pleasure to welcome sam rothstein to the vegas valley country club
At that time I remember ginger took amy to beverly hills
At that time vegas was a place where millions of suckers flew in every year on their own nickel and left behind about a billion dollars
Aye aye aye
Baby oh baby my sweet baby you're the one
Back and forth this one and that one
Back home they don't know about fuckin' control
Back home they would've put me in jail for what i'm doing but out here they're giving me awards
Back up a fuckin' minute here one minute
Be a man don't be a fucking pimp
Be careful gaming agents are all over the place
Be right back i'll be right back
Because he knew they all wanted somethin' from him
Because nicky enjoyed being a gangster and he didn't give a damn who knew it
Because of the planes he had to use underground garages
Because there's one thing about these old timers they don't like any fucking around with the other guys' wives it's bad for business
Because they control the teamsters union
Been fuckin' knockin' everybody's dick all night you've been beating all the customers tonight motherfucker huh jag off hit me
Been told a long time ago I been told baby you've been born
Before I ever ran a casino or got myself blown up
Before we point the dirty end of the stick at old don we better be sure we can prove them charges
Before you knew it anybody who knew anything wound up gettin' whacked
Before you know it you gotta dig a few more holes
Believe me if I could prove it he would be under arrest
Beside a garden wall when stars were bright and you were in my arms
Best of all for the first time in my life I figured out a way not to lose
Better give me a fucking name soon or i'm gonna give him yours frank
Better listen little girl you're goin' walkin' down the street
Between my innovations
Between nicky ginger me and my license
Between piscano complaining on the wire
Bj 19 second base the beard