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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A Trump talking about.
Again, I think Bob Fargo and you want to come by. Maybe come by will burn a couple of neighbors.
All ******* kill you, your wife, your family, your kids, everybody.
And your would chat.
Are you in the state of Pennsylvania?
Are you racist?
Call Abby, what do you want?
Call worker.
Can I have some money right now?
Char golf
Check it out. Check my result.
Did every talk.
Did you graduate ******* 8th grade?
Don't call my house Nomo.
For sure, the hanging from the noose.
Good, how are you?
Have a nice glass of lager.
Here here naked naked naked.
Hey, don't matter to me man Saturday my minutes are free. I don't give a ****
Hey, listen to me if you want corruption blood come would you tell anybody?
I ****** your girl hunting you would shed last night.
I can't understand. You got too much **** in your mouth.
I can't, I can't really hear you because I'm like in a bunch of casino machines.
I didn't call you ******* You called me.
I didn't call you.
I didn't call you. I wouldn't waste my time call somebody like you, you couldn't even give me your number or your name.
I don't give a ****
I don't know how to **** You got my number.
I don't know.
I don't know. I gotta say much, I'm gonna have a simple off like my ******* Jack and Coke and I'm going to burn my fire and have a good time.
I don't like.
I got it.
I have not a **** ****** dude. I'm a laid back ************ like to hang out, smoke a little weed.
I hope you're hanging from the ******* tray.
I know that's what you told me.
I need your ******* very confused on what your life is all about.
I really don't give a ****
I told you, come on.
I would kill babies.
I'm at the casino spending thousands of dollars in your ******* sucking your mother's tip.
I'm at the casino.
If it if it.
It's a 6 ************ you.
Let's go.
Let's tell Mom I'm back. I'm hanging out by the fire.
Like I care.
Listen to me.
Listen, I hate and I don't smoke it like you talking to me like that, alright?
Ma'am, I'm not ******** I graduated high school. I make ******* $200,000 a year. We gotta wipe. That makes ******* 250,000.
New York
No, I didn't.
North Carolina.
Not at all.
Oh yeah.
Oh, I will come on their ****** ******
Pickle butter
Playing slot machine.
Pretty black **** ******
Probably hanging out some ******* crack house right now, sucking **** ****
Right now, should I my flower?
Right, well, maybe you know me. Maybe you don't. If you want to come clean. If not, I'm just gonna hang up. I don't know if you want to call back you can. I guess 'cause I don't have your number.
Second chance all out there debugging things out, some kind of lover.
So I could play like just from the way I'm hanging out by the fire right now.
Something you will **** Who you are.
Tell you what if I buy follows black, I'd hate myself too, and ******* clawed the people *******
That that would should.
That's it.
That's right.
That's talk, man.
That's what I know, ************ I'm not stupid like you.
The **** are you talking about you?
The hang ******* fan.
The only good dead, right?
Want to **** ** **** you ******* piece of ****
Well I wanna know what you do to.
What are you some kind of report?
What do you got?
What do you want from me ****** ******
What state are you in?
What's up man?
What's up?
What's up?
Whatever dude.
Where are you?
Where do you wanna meet me?
Where you at?
Who is this?
Why don't you come on up to **** in New York State?
With God.
Would you say you're a ******
Would you vote for?
Yeah, go **** yourself, you **** ***
Yeah, I hear it.
Yeah, I'll go.
Yeah, it's all.
Yeah, no I did not.
Yeah, that's me lover.
Yeah, whatever.
Yeah, yeah.
Yep, that's me.
You called me.
You called me.
You can find me deep in the Woods.
You don't mean **** to me.
You gonna come get me?
You probably some ******* terrorists and some other country.
You see, the bonfire got called me. I got nice Fargo.
You stupid dude.
You want me to help you?
You're a ******* piece of ****
You're a lover, I know I don't like.
**** ******
****** ******
****** ******
************ hanging from the tree with no problem.