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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A fucking champagne bottle
A guy like me a guy like me what does that mean a guy like me
A minute and a half!
A thousand dollars yeah
Aah! fuck them ****as now
Aah! whoo!
Actually miss dorsey i'm a manager in corporate banking upstairs
Actually we're just wrapping up
Ah oh I can do that oh yeah yeah I can do that
Ain't nothing funny man go on you too
Ain't that your girls hell yeah
Alex do me a favor change of plans take a right at the next light and i'll tell you from there
Alissa lions 483 moorpark
All right all right okay okay okay
All right bro
All right check it out y'all can roll with that right there
All right do what you gotta do
All right get out what get out what
All right here we go
All right hold on let me get my jacket
All right i'll fill in for you
All right it's a little fucking insurance baby just a little insurance
All right let's go through plan b
All right listen up
All right louise you take thelma over there and y'all go rob another bank if you all that
All right motherfuckers
All right now if the cow is there it'll be open and we'll have at least 50000
All right stay down!
All right then we're back in effect
All right this is what i'm gonna do i'm gonna let y'all use my shit right but if y'all get caught
All right we'll get these dusted now
All right well don't worry about it i'll take care of it
All right well listen car will be right here make yourself at home
All right y'all do your thing
All units silent alarm downtown federal building proceed with caution suspects armed and dangerous
All units tagged
All you got is you and now you gotta save you do you understand me
All you're doing is participating in a lineup
Always got me into trouble always raiding the sororities
And don't drink up my champagne man peace
And for the record having a witness is a lot better than probable cause
And hurry up goddamn it! I said hurry up!
And I can't go to jail for killing nobody
And I went for my clip but he shot her he shot her right in front of me
And i'm relatively certain she was connected to the whole thing
And i'm still very hungry so could we please feed a man give him some nourishment or some sustenance that's all i'm asking
And in three days we are out of here!
And in what may be a first for los angeles three women have robbed the branch at south los angeles bank getting away with an estimated 90000 dollars
And now I got cleo in trouble
And now on to national news
And now sit back relax load off your feet smell the aroma of mexico and the sounds
And now the police are all over the suspects' tail we'll try to follow
And now you wanna bring in his sister based on the fact that she knows someone who may be friends with a bank robber
And that's all it is stony
And then you decide if you wanna stick around you think about it okay
And what would that be
And where have you been
And you don stony from the bronx
And you don't tell me what fucking choices I have frankie
And you stay out of it
Anyway I came directly from new york
Anyway t t jajuan y'all look awfully groovy tonight
Ap what's that a nickname asshole perhaps perhaps asshole perhaps
Apology accepted
Apparently the getaway car was blocked it's still out there
Are we done here
Are we gonna get away with this
Are you asking me out maybe
Are you nervous yes don't be
Are you okay
Are you sure
As a matter of fact I never even saw you out of the projects
At that time the judge will decide what will happen
B school business school i'm sorry
Baby go pack our shit
Baby why
Baby you don't have to go anywhere stay with me for a little while
Back up back up back up
Be sure now you see her the person that killed luther morris
Because he had a gun
Before I come work for you I need an advance
Bitch would you shut the fuck up
Black sam she wanna talk to you
Borrowing's not such a bad thing as long as you return the favor
Bullshit what the fuck is this
But I ain't thinking about five years from now i'm just trying to get through the day
But I got my babysitter
But I have lied about one thing
But I know where he at he at a hotel over there on 55th fifty fifth and 9th
But I mean stony newsom's gotta give me a reason to do that you know what I mean
But kids get into poison every day
But the l a p d helicopter next to ours has clearly got a beat on them
But we ain't crazy so we can't
But we ain't nothing but hood rats
But we're gonna retain custody just to be sure the child isn't suffering from neglect
But when I saw you I said to myself a woman that fine as fine as you are and you are that fine needs to have her own personal banker
But why is it if that procedure's been told to you why didn't you follow the procedure
But you know you need to come back in with us
Caged what are you doing about it what do you mean this cage what are you doing to get out of it
Calm down
Can I get a tail on her sir
Can I get you anything no
Can I give her the note and I tell her not to give me any bank money
Can I go now
Can I see him
Can you accept your godfather's terms
Can you believe after working for that damn bank for two years I can't even get a recommendation for another job
Can you believe he's going to college
Can you believe this goddamn it! shit!
Can you help me out come on lady i've been out here all night
Can you respect our conditions can you live with the terms that your dons have set forth
Car theft report's from near the 21 st street garage
Champagne whatever I ain't got time
Champagne yes thank you
Check apartment m now!
Check her stuff too
Check it out
Check this out if a terrorist were to come and blow this place up the banking systems of japan europe and the united states would never recover
Chronic always get her ass all quiet
Cleo cleo
Cleo cleo what happened are you all right
Cleo come on come on
Cleo fuck no hell no
Cleo girl you've been fixing up this car since 7th grade
Cleo how come we putting all the money here instead of at home
Cleo I don't think you should be drinking so much coffee you're making me nervous
Cleo I know you didn't come to work ain't been to work and don't call nobody
Cleo sit
Cleo sit (2)
Cleo take the note to the merchant teller she will have at least 20 grand
Cleo when are you gonna fix this raggedy shit
Cleo you are real high and you acting real stupid
Cleo you gotta tell her not to draw from the right hand clip
Cleo you know you was wrong for what you did to stony
Cleo's dead she's dead
Cleomenza (2)
Cleomenza no more fancy cars shopping sprees
Climb out the pussy for a minute
Come here
Come on
Come on (2)
Come on (3)
Come on baby all right yeah
Come on back it up back it up back it up
Come on black sam after all them cars I just stole for you before you got into this gun running shit you owe me
Come on cleo what are you doing
Come on college boy you're the one that's gonna be making all the loot yeah college boy
Come on come on
Come on come on come on
Come on come on let's get up out of here let's go
Come on come on let's go! let's go! help me out come on get inside now hurry up
Come on frankie man drive this car
Come on frankie we can't stay let's go
Come on frankie!
Come on fuck
Come on goddamn it stay with me here stay with me you stay with me
Come on I ain't going nowhere till you pass me a tape
Come on in how you doing i'm all right you sure all right
Come on just a couple of bucks or something
Come on let's do this
Come on let's go
Come on let's go let's go okay let's go let's go yeah okay let's go
Come on let's go! move it
Come on let's make it! move it! let's make it come on!
Come on let's move it!
Come on man don't cry now
Come on man i'm not hurting anybody
Come on man!
Come on stony don't go off on me now
Come on t t
Come on they're on our ass they're right behind us cleo!
Come on we've been through worse
Come on you guys
Come on! come on move it
Come to me baby
Could've come and pick you up you know
Cover me!
Cover my share till I finish robbing this bank
Cow there's gonna be a cow up in there
D c have you ever been nope no but that's where the mayor got popped basing up isn't it
Damn before they started laying people off they was paying folks $15 dollars an hour at that place oh man that's good money
Damn i'm sorry I was tripping you my girl
Damn it i'm sorry stony
Damn look at my nails
Damn that's fucked up
Damn y'all ain't bullshitting huh
Damn y'all she been throwing up for two days what we gonna do
Damn you're just scared baby ain't nobody gonna get hurt
Detective strode
Did he ask you out maybe
Did y'all hear what happened to frankie our frankie
Did you lock that door
Do not move let's make it!
Do you come here often no i've never been I just heard about it
Do you feel free
Do you feel free now well for now but it's not my life i'm just borrowing from pieces of yours
Do you feel me I thought that you would
Do you have any idea what I had to go through do you
Do you know lorenz and them got away with 20 grand
Do you like it
Do you remember the headline innocent student killed by cop
Do you see her hmm the person that killed luther morris
Does it have to be downtown federal