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RoboCop (1987) Soundboard

RoboCop (1987) Soundboard

RoboCop, released in 1987, is a classic sci-fi action film directed by Paul Verhoeven. This iconic movie has gained a massive cult following over the years, captivating audiences with its thrilling storyline and groundbreaking special effects.

Set in a crime-ridden, dystopian Detroit, the film follows the journey of Alex Murphy, a dedicated police officer brutally murdered on duty. However, Murphy is given a second chance when a powerful corporation, Omni Consumer Products (OCP), transforms him into RoboCop, a high-tech cyborg law enforcement officer.

Portraying the titular character is Peter Weller, who delivers a riveting performance as the half-man, half-machine hero. Weller brings depth and complexity to the role, successfully capturing both the vulnerability of Murphy and the deadly efficiency of RoboCop.

Nancy Allen shines as Officer Anne Lewis, Murphy's loyal partner and confidante. Allen's fierce portrayal showcases superb chemistry with Weller, creating an unforgettable dynamic that fuels the emotional core of the film. Ronny Cox portrays the ambitious and manipulative OCP executive, Dick Jones, while Kurtwood Smith delivers a chilling performance as Clarence Boddicker, the sadistic gang leader who orchestrates Murphy's demise.

RoboCop also features incredible sound design and a memorable score by renowned composer Basil Poledouris. The hauntingly beautiful yet pulsating melodies perfectly complement the film's intense and gritty atmosphere. These powerful soundscapes add depth to the action sequences and amplify the emotional impact of the narrative.

If you're a fan of RoboCop or simply appreciate fantastic soundtracks, you'll be thrilled to know that you can easily play and download these sounds here. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of RoboCop, where futuristic technology clashes with human emotions, and justice battles against greed and corruption.

RoboCop remains an enduring symbol of the 1980s, reflecting the era's fascination with technology, corporate power, and societal decay. Its thought-provoking themes and thrilling action continue to resonate with audiences today, making it a timeless piece of cinematic history.

So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the ride. RoboCop takes you on a gripping journey of redemption, revenge, and ultimately, rediscovering one's humanity. With its impeccable cast, masterful direction, and groundbreaking visuals, this movie has rightfully earned its place as a beloved classic.

A cop that doesn't need to eat or sleep a cop with superior firepower and the reflexes to use it
A day of mourning for a country
A little more to the left
A lot of people would love to see a guy like me
A lot of people would love to see a guy like me put a guy like you out of business
After a successful tour of duty in old detroit we can expect 209 to become the hot military product for the next decade
Ahhh (2)
Ahhh (3)
Aiding and abetting a known felon
Aim for me
Aim for me.
Ain't no better way to steal money than free enterprise
All division heads are bringing their support teams
All division heads are bringing their support teams.
All right
All right (2)
All right (3)
All right attach it to his shoulder
All right clear out
All right cut the horseshit! we're moving out
All right don't touch him don't touch him!
All right I think that's all we can do let's call it
All right it's in
All right let's do it come on man let's smoke him!
All right let's go ahead and shock a flat line and let's quit
All right let's go come on!
All right look out turn around man
All right we have to intubate this guy
All right.
All units all units sector 9 211 in progress
All units sector 6 please close intersections
Although seriously wounded officer frank frederickson escaped and identified this man
Although shifts in the tax structure have created an economy ideal for corporate growth community services in this case law enforcement have suffered
Among them, two former United States Presidents
An american tradition
And affirmed its willingness to use the three megaton device as the city's last line of defense
And I don't want to hear any more talk about strike! we're not plumbers we're police officers and police officers don't strike
And I want a bigger office! and I want a new car! and I want the city to pay for it all!
And i'm number two around here
And it must be cut out before we employ the 2 million workers that will breathe life into this city again
And kiss the mayor's ass good bye!
And no matter how it turns out I want my old job back!
And remember we care
And say it doesn't matter who cooks in your family because this kitchen by food concepts makes everything a snap
And that's a true story
And third I want a recount!
And you don't want to disappoint him
ANNOUNCER: That's the master bedroom.
Another quality home game from butler brothers
Any attempt to arrest a senior officer of ocp results in shutdown
Any donations for the family may be given to cecil as usual
Anybody tries to stop me the old geezer gets it
Anything you say may be used against you
Apply cricoid pressure
Are we talking about the same dick jones
Are you locked in now
As you know we've entered into a contract with the city to run local law enforcement
Ask any cop he'll tell you if you can't stand the heat you better stay out of the kitchen
At security concepts we're projecting the end of crime in Old Detroit within 40 days
Attempted murder it's not like he killed someone this is a clear violation of my client's civil rights
Backup currently unavailable
Backup e t a 15 minutes
Backup is still unavailable
Be very careful
Beats me man
Because whatever happens this corporation will live up to the guiding principles of its founder courage strength conviction
Bill i'd love to but I got a date couple models coming over to my place know what I mean
Bitches leave
Bob save some for me
BOB: We get the best of both worlds.
Bobby can you fly bobby
Bobby get the door!
Book him
Bring him in through the side door
Bring in the l e d
Bring it up fifty percent
Buddy I think you're slime
But at security concepts we believe an efficient police force is only part of the solution
But Delta City begins construction in two months
But delta city begins construction in two months
But I got the connections I got the sales organization
But life goes on it's an old story the fight for love and glory huh bob
But that changed today when former city councilman Ron Miller
But that changed today when former city councilman ron miller entered city hall with a gun
But there was always respect I always knew where the line was drawn and you just stepped over it buddy boy
But when i'm done i've got some free time maybe you could fit me in
But you wouldn't go through proper channels you went over my head
By the end of the week we can have ed 209s in place all over the city and expect immediate public support
Bye bye baby
Can he understand what i'm saying
Can I help you
Can I help you sir
Can you do that dad
Central this is 154 we're in pursuit of 211 suspect request backup
Central this is unit 154 we located that van by the old mill in sector 3d
Check (2)
Clarence boddicker unofficial crime boss of old detroit
Clarence no!
Clear the patches
Coarse v fib
Coarse v fib let's shock him again
Cobra assault cannon state of the art bang! bang!
Come here often how you doing
Come in officer
Come on
Come on come on come on come on that's for you that's for you
Come on emil! get your ass in the van!
Come on lard ass let's move it!
Come on man come on now you're making me nervous
Come on man speed it up! move it!
Come on sal!
Come on you can't do this come on now! don't mess around!
Come on, Dad. Come on, Dad
Come on!
Come on!
Come quietly or there will be trouble
Congratulations bob
Cut him off! come on! go on cut him off! go go!
Cut the power! pull the board!
Dad come on dad come on dad get in the picture come on come on
Damn it! shit!
Dead or alive you are coming with me
Dead or alive, you are coming with me
Destroy it
Dick i'm very disappointed
Dick jones division president ocp
Dick jones here
Dick jones is wanted for murder
Dick you're fired!
Did you bring the gun
Die you bastard!
Die, you bastard!
DISPATCHER: All units, Sector 6, please close intersections..
Do it emil!
Do you have a name
Do you have a name?
Does it hurt does it hurt
Does your mother know you talk like that
Does your mother know you talk like that?
Don't do nothing stupid man i'm a good shot I could hit you in the eye from here
Don't mess with jones man he'll make sushi out of you yeah you better be careful man I heard jones is a real shark
Don't move I won't
Don't touch me man!
Don't touch me! get away! get away!
Don't worry i'll
Don't you get it I work for dick jones! dick jones! I work for dick jones!
Don't you get it you cocksucker!
Don't you have a name
Dr mcnamara
Drop it
Drop it.
Drop the gun you are under arrest
Easy easy turn
Ed 209
Emil how you doing man good to see you
Emil in the van
EMIL: Me, too
Every game has a winner and a loser.
Every policeman knows when he joins the force that there are certain inherent risks that come with the territory
Everybody load up!
Everyone else walks out at midnight
Except there ain't nothin' free
Excuse me
Excuse me I have to go somewhere there is a crime happening
Excuse me please
Excuse us
Extended warranties financing
Extended warranties, financing.
Fellow executives it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the future of law enforcement
Fellow executives,
FEMALE VOICE: 95th floor. Have a nice day.
Fire at will
Fire at will.
First don't fuck with me! i'm a desperate man! and second I want some fresh coffee!
First they let me out of jail for free,
Flatline. Let's go intracardiac epinephrine
Forget it kid this guy's a serious asshole
Four, three, two, one.
Frankie blow this cocksucker's head off
Freeze okay let's see those hands nice and easy
Fuck jones he fumbled the ball and I was there to pick it up
Fuck me
Fuck me!
Fuck me! fuck me! fuck me!
Fuck you clarence
Fuck you!
Fuck you! (2)
Fucked with the wrong guy.
Fucking jones!
Gee bobby bye
Get a measurement on that bring a hammer too
Get him over lift!
Get him!
Get me out of here!
Get on your feet!