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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
But i'm not a fool and i'm not capable of being fooled not even by a woman
Come back here you drunken fool! get this car out of here!
Dung eating fool! thou hast doomed us all!
Fools! idiots! imbeciles!
He's dead he's dead and i'm left with a fool like you
I protect myself against them but only because there are so many individually they're weak
Oh that's why that fool was acting crazy
Say man! what kind of fool sets up his own self a fool like you sucker
That boy sure is a running fool
That fool's just playing man I ain't sweating it
The fools! they cut their own throats!
Well any fool can fight
Where's that money you silly stupid old fool where's that money
Who's the more foolish the fool or the fool who follows him
Yeah I had to creep up on some fool today at the drive through trying the high sign and shit I had to get him
You can't really blame him any bloody fool can pull a trigger
You clumsy little fool clean that up then help my daughters dress
You fool!