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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Adios half soldier
And at point guard standing 3 foot 3 4 feet if you include the ears
At least you guys are still tall i'm nothing now just another short guy
At small forward standing a scintillating 3 foot 2
Did you have to borrow a reindeer to get down here
Does santa know that you left the workshop
Don't worry shorty here can explain it to ya later
He must be a south pole elf
He was so scared because you know how little he is
He's an angry elf
Here I am this little kid I can't even see over the steering wheel and i'm parking cadillacs
Hey what do you think we've got here midgets
How did he do such fantastic stunts with such little feet
I am exatically three inches high and it is a very good height indeed!
I didn't know you had elves working here
I'm too short for this shit man
No I like you because you're honest because you're shorter than I am we look like a before and after picture
Oh hey for some reason or another you sounded a little taller on radio
Oh I love your suits it must be a bitch gettin' a size 68 extra fat and a 12 dwarf
Oh look you've landed in saigon you're among the little people now
Shut up you little pot licker i'll put you in a microwave
Size matters not look at me judge me by my size do you hmm hmph!
Small arms short legs not very fast tiny little guys can't jump high
Sorry shorty
Take this with you short man one to grow on
Tell that little squirt over by the piano I want to see him
They are very ornery by the way so you gotta be very careful with these little guys safety first
This is you this is your badness level it's unusually high for someone your size
Too bad you can't practice getting taller boys
Uh these little guys would like to make an announcement here you go shorty
What do we care they're little so we challenged them to a basketball game
What's up lil man why you trippin'
Who am I to judge a warrior based on his size look at me i'm over here
Why why you're little men!
You have spirit for one so small and such spirit is deserving of a sporting chance
You know that I can't so much as drink a damn glass of water around a midget or a piece of antique furniture
You you are a you surprise me for some reason I thought you were going to be taller