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A growing boy needs his food. Where's my money?
A little blood never hurt anyone.
A paddle? Who put that here?
A Symmetra couldn't hurt me and come with that piece of crap.
All she needs now is the tuck on the slot back. At least I was first.
Almost didn't beat down two sons.
Alright man, one.
Alright man.
Are you serious?
Can you afford my help?
Come on guys, get it together.
Come on man, don't do this.
Come over here where I can hit.
Cool is disgusting.
Cool, Sir.
Dame is the truth.
Did you get dressed in the dark today?
Did you say some?
Do you guys believe this guy?
Don't get mad at me.
Don't make me catch a case.
Easy. I didn't mean anything by.
Easy. You're not messing with the prissy preppies anymore. I will hurt you.
Eat hot lunch.
Focus here.
Follow me.
Get off the.
Get your head out of your ass.
Give me a bike punk. I'm cross training today.
Good luck.
Good to see you, Jimmy boy. Seems like those grease balls have taken to loitering in an abandoned pool hall.
Have you ever caught Mr. Galloway drinking?
Have you ever fought a bear?
He scores more off the field than we do on the field.
Here you go.
Here's what I think of you.
Hey Jimmy, I have another job for you.
Hey peasant, wanna make a bit of money?
Hey you, Jimmy. What are you doing? My stuff.
Hey, Jimmy Howard, those scumbag town he's got a warehouse that hang out in.
Hey, Jimmy.
Hey, Ken.
Hey, what do you think you're doing?
Hit me with whatever you want. I'll still hit you hard.
How's it go?
I can't take this anymore.
I can't wait for the big game. I think I might break out the Heisman pose after my first big step.
I could really use your help.
I could use a hand here.
I crap bigger than.
I didn't ask you to talk.
I didn't mean it. I was just venting.
I don't care if it wasn't Jimmy. I still hate that pun.
I don't get why all these rich kids are boxing now.
I don't know what that means, but I assume it's disrespectful.
I don't know why these preppy kids think they're so tough.
I don't think that's going to fit.
I don't think they got the message. I'd like you to bring it to him.
I don't work for free, Hopkins.
I fight you, but I don't wanna mess up my scholarship offers.
I got nothing better to do.
I got playing more with. This came from.
I got you back.
I have homework to pick up.
I have to work harder.
I heard Jimmy burn down the gym because they were gonna start making his stink butt take showers after gym class.
I heard there's some crazy hobo dude around here teaching kids to fight.
I love pain.
I need a small favor.
I really am a handsome man.
I seem better.
I think you could handle it from.
I wonder who would win in a fight, a bear or a gorilla?
I'll run things not to.
I'm a physical specimen. You cannot run.
I'm gaining on you and it's only a matter of time now.
I'm getting lazy.
I'm gonna bust your gun up and watch you bleed.
I'm gonna give you one more chance to walk away.
I'm gonna hit you till you love.
I'm gonna kick your ass.
I'm gonna lay your butt out like a newborn baby.
I'm gonna rip out your heart and feed it to you.
I'm gonna split your wig for that.
I'm just waiting for the right moment, but I'm gonna make my move soon. This school doesn't know what going to hit him.
I'm not impressed.
I'm over this place.
I'm screwed.
I've heard.
If I tell you who did it, how about let me slide on a few things.
If only everything could be decided with violence.
Indeed. Be good boy and get rid of them. I'll make it worth their while.
Is it just me or are the kids coming up looking a little weak to you?
Is that all you got, Fonz?
It will starting on, there won't be no.
It's my birthday, punk. Where's my prize?
It's on now.
It's too check time.
Jimmy, you really don't know what you're about to get into.
Just give up like you always do when things get tough.
Just keep it away from me.
Just take it. That's all you can do.
Keep this up, but I won't let you do my homework anymore.
Kick him in the garden and tack.
Kumite. Kumite. Kumite.
Like I got time to hear this crap.
Listen, I was out of line. I'm sorry.
Lock it up, man.
Look at you, walking around looking all cool. You ain't all that.
Looking good, my man.
Man, I'm gonna hurt that guy.
Maybe she'll come up to my room if I offer to show her my John Elway autograph.
Maybe the lunch lady can get a job here.
My bad.
My dad is going to kill me.
My last paper was AC. I need to get a new kid to do my homework cause I think my current one is busted or something.
My prediction for you pay.
Nah, no way.
No. But one day maybe.
No. Ohh.
Nobody beats me.
Nobody stealed my bike.
Now I have to hurt you.
Ohh disgusting. Smells like a hot tub full of jock straps of baby diapers.
Ohh great you again.
Ohh yeah.
Ohh, you're talking to me? That's funny.
One day I wanna fight a gorilla.
Only losers feel sorry for themselves.
Ooh, that hat is busted.
Out of my way.
Pain is good.
People should be paying tickets to see me.
People will respect us more if I were running things instead of 10.
Please no. I'm allergic to other people's poop.
Please tell me I gotta hit someone.
Put it back on before I break.
Sit down already.
So I bet they don't pay any rent. Why don't you evict those squatters?
Sorry coach, but this weirdo was throwing stuff at me.
Sounds like a plan.
Split his wig.
Sure, let's do this.
Take it easy, man.
Thanks man, that was cool.
Thanks man.
Thanks man.
That mouth of yours just bought yourself a world of hurt.
That's all.
That's awesome, right?
That's cool if you're in wussy sport.
That's disrespectful. Now I'm gonna have to beat you.
That's hot.
That's not bad.
That's suck.
That's the best you got, huh?
That's tough.
That's what I'm talking about, guys.
That's what I'm talking about.
That's what you get when you play half ass.
That's your ass.
The greases and the preppy are going at it, huh? Personally, I hope the greases win.
They will, don't worry this time. Take it to him. Remind them to stay in their place.
They're my man. Jimmy, come on over here.
This gift pleases me greatly.
This is all I got for you.
This is getting old. I'm taking off.
This is my bike now suck.
This is only a sample of what's to come.
This is too much for me.
Those nerves are starting to get a little too lit.
Those town that kids have started hanging around too close to school. We take care of them, but we got practice.
Try to keep.
Very good, Jimmy. That's exactly it. A matter of principle. I'll pay you well.
Was screwed.
Watch out everyone the tough guys here.
We own you.
We will destroy you.
Well, you probably kids really think you're tough.
What am I gonna do?
What am I supposed to do about?
What are you doing out that homework doesn't do itself?
What are you gonna do about?
What do you think?
What is the?
What the hell was that?
What's crack?
What's going on with this place?
What's that for?
What's with you?
What's wrong with you?
When I go pro, I'm gonna get a fat ass crib with a fat ass chick to go with my fat ass chick.
When I heal up, you are so dead.
Who the hell did this?
Who wants to mess with Damon?
Whoa, fall back door boy.
Whoa. Wow. Almost felt that.
Why does this involve me?
Why would you do that?
Why would you do that?
Yeah, go figure.
Yeah, it's no big deal.
Yeah, no, it's so good.
Yeah, they usually hang out by the Chinese restaurant New Coventry.
Yo, Ricky, back off.
You better watch out, algae.
You can't hold me.
You can't stop me.
You can't touch me. You're not man enough.
You did pretty good with them bums. How about you give them a second lesson?
You didn't hear this from me.
You don't even know what pain is.
You don't have to get all energy.
You don't wanna go up against us?
You don't want a piece of me.
You ever get that tingling feeling in your hair right after you tackle someone?
You ever play ball?
You fell harder and faster than anyone I've ever seen. I almost feel bad for you.
You got to be kidding.
You had your fun. Now who wants to get knocked out by an old American?
You know when he's sign language?
You know why?
You know you're my boy, right?