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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And now back to climbing four dollars
And who loves you and who do you love one more time
Are you down in wardrobe yet they've got your new jacket there fantastic who chose the colors
Are you kidding maine next how this one case one fourteen school teacher killed his wife and his mother in law to faculty dinner party with a steak knife say I like that quality this is sort of the...
Brenda you have this week 's ratings or do I have to guess that the same as last week and those with the same all last month I guess we just peaked but it's not like we've drawn not likely you're b...
Candy i'm official edit a smart are you kidding maine next at this one is one fourteen school teacher killed his wife and his mother in law to faculty dinner party with a steak knife say I like tha...
Damon Killian - The Running Man Soundboard Sound
Damon Killian - The Running Man Soundboard Sound
Don't touch the hair
Got my coffee I wanna know what we got alright alright let's see
Hello gorgeous somebody with stamina to ray tony pipe that feed in here now take a look at this this is yesterday's prison break
Hey how my people today looking good love that thank god the justice department calling every ten minutes just give them to go fuck themselves
Hi cutey pie you know one of us is in cape trouble you know who I am i've seen you before you're the asshole on TV that's funny I was going to say the same
I heard the warm up today and I gotta tell you honestly bill I don't think i've ever heard you're funny did your job too bad it isn't music
I know you're just dying to get into that game zone and show us the same determination you shut up in bakersfield well first i've got a little surprise for you
Now ben richards could have gone to prison penalty but instead keep volunteered for the running man risking everything for chance that are fabulous prizes like a trial by jury suspended sentence ma...
On your mark get seth killian i'll be back only in a rerun go
Our star better tonight please no introduction he's ben richards called scrotal slayer of sixty men women and children he above bakersfield massacre food riots in progress approximately fifteen hun...
Period ready to pay the price for our home audience in person the butcher bakersfield
Tell me watch the number one television show in the whole wide world
The love of my life my number one fan this is micarla wanna kiss now a big kiss for remember know tons
Then I think we might be able to help each other at I got the brains and you've got town when you got more you've got talent you got christmas and you got balls that's why I pulled a few strings
These guys they never stop competing in first you just watching them but in my life of work I can't afford that held up feeling my drink cadre cola
They have one hell of a show for you tonight phil please if you will introduce tonight's guest runner an watch that scream
To see I created the running man but I don't make the rules i've got a contract with the government they sent me to convex I put him on the show well you've seen it right now at least you got a cha...
Well sorry what's your name damn then you're doing good work launch beautiful don't worry OK thank you that asshole is mopping the floor tomorrow you'll be mopping up for the
Well we all know their grieving parents or for the children shop too it's very cool
What's inside the zone the runners time three hours they gotta go through all four K plus three hours or less and they're going to need every second 'cause you know who's on their tail oh
Who else bank robbers once made that suicide pact did they commit suicide obviously not damon and their unreliable I gotta find it a talent agency made it is not an axe murder or something
You know how this works the game zone is divided into four hundred square blocks leftover from the big quake and ninety seven and I don't think any of us will ever forget that