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Believe You Can't Take it With You
But they're gonna come back at us on a tax evasion and they'll get it
Donald Duck PSA 1943
Farm Income 3rd Rock
Gains and Loses 3rd Rock
Grandma Happy Gilmore
Is this the sort of thing we pay taxes for to have teachers like you
Meet Joe Black Death and Taxes
Minimum Wage Chris Rock
National Treasure Plus Tax
No Sir You Can't Take it With You
Okay folks but remember your manners no stampeding walk slow like you do when you come to pay your taxes
On this good earth there are three peoples I don't mess with the I the r and the s
Our Privilege 3rd Rock
People are talking about the high cost of living everything is going up food rent clothing taxes
Retired does that mean like my tax pays you a pension that's right
Rob and Steal Its' a Mad Mad World
Sex on the form 3rd Rock
Taxes The Matrix Movie
Taxes must be terrific on a place like that
Taxes to Sink the Axis Walt Disney
The men of our clan are proud and dare to defy the shogun who's taxing us without mercy
This part of my life is called paying taxes if you didn't pay'em the government could stick their hands into your bank account and take your money
Toilet Gov
We all know that you have some tax troubles in your country and that you may have to do a little time
We could tax the crime syndicates the police
We'd like to retire and maintain the same lifestyle without paying a lot of taxes
Work for IRS Stranger than fiction
You may have to pay some back taxes a big fine but there will be no prison okay