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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A fitness to protect you from evil I am evil your slut
A great warrior, a great woman #conan #great woman #women #great warrior #shes great #arnold schwarzenegger
Because my mother he killed my father you killed my caves you took my father 's sword no
Can you believe
Can you believe that? #can you believe that #conan #arnold schwarzenegger #horse punch #punch
Chrome i've never prayed you before I have no tongue for it no one not even you remember if we were good man or bad
Conan Laugh #laugh #lol #laughing #conan #pass out
Conan the Barbarian Soundboard Sound
Crime lab CB four wins
Crime lab should be four wins
Crush your enemies #conan #lament #lamentation #crush #enemies
Do flowers grow around here? #do flowers grow around here #flowers #no #conan #arnold schwarzenegger
Do you know what horrors lie beyond that wall no then you go first
Does it always smell like this? #smells bad #stink #does the wind ever get in here #does it always smell #conan #arnold schwarzenegger
Enough talk! #stop talking #be quiet #silence #stop #conan #arnold schwarzenegger #shut up
Excuse me, I must get up now
For us there is no spring just the winds did smells fresh before the storm
Give us the girls are well taker enough talk
Hold on what is best in life crush your enemies see them driven before you and they had a limitation of the women god is good
I suppose nothing hurts you #conan #only pain #invincible #nothing hurts you #it hurts
I suppose nothing hurts you only pain
I swear that it's conan will let me ride with him I will give my life for him
I'm afraid afraid to bare yourself why you're so big and so well grown should be proud of your body how do you expect to reach emptiness without
I'm afraid and i'm shy this is a europe press rope yes it's all I have good
If you yield only to a conqueror then prepared to be conquered
Into the boat
Into the tunnel
Intro #anvil of crom #conan the barbarian #days of high adventure
Is it always smell at this how does the wind ever get in here
King Osric #old #conan #king #losing sparkle
Rule shut is all with me I will have my own kingdom my own queen
Thanks we made the merchant angry are you surprised he didn't steal everything we had we didn't have time
The flowers grow around here flowers fuck
The girls destiny is normally to deliver the horn it's just writing on the wall choose to be killed sacrificed we shall see destiny or not
Then to hell with you #conan #not listening #listen to me #if you dont listen #to hell with you #arnold schwarzenegger
Two fools who lever death
Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait hold on is it going to learn how to fight then learn with a real weapon now
We leave now in the morning i'm the leader here lead in the morning it will be better
We shall see #well see #maybe #conan #arnold schwarzenegger #we will see
Who are you conan I have heard of you
Why are they trying to kill us maybe you want to capture us and touch us to death
Wizard and frighten see you're afraid of magic and you will have to deal with it what good is a sword and sorcery
You serious woman over there zula