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And it is very sensible at the only shock that i've had this morning is to discover they don't pay you more than four hundred and fifty thousand I think it's an operation I should go and ask a ques...
Being believe relieving reliving trauma fear of publicity a culture of denial some of the reasons why very many women are reluctant to report **** assault and sexual harrasment does he
Device number ladies determined to tour the N H S down it's a conservative government which is increasing funding on the N H S so it remains the best health service in the world
Do you recognize this doc I do who produced it the conservative party and what does it contain it contains a very forensic dissection of the fact that the way tailed costing so we could say
How much further disturbing have to fall before you get worried as a former financial journalist i've seen markets bounce up and down and anyone who bases polisy on one days or even two days move
I don't know OK people people people do people do where the book in question time we've had so what happens when you sign in I imagine they show their faces they didn't get any biggest damon green
I think that is clear sadly from the letters that were exchanged but I think that doesn't mean that it isn't very very sad moment for those of us her colleagues of damien who know what a highly cap...
I think they had doctors in mind when they were worried about migration holy not but a lot of people I mean you have to ask them that they were the people nigel farage was forever at the forefront ...
I was surprised to see that on a parliamentary computer how many images did you see on that thousands I thousands of pornographic images thumbnail images this shocking thing was this as i
She filmed yet i've seen quite a lot of trailers from it it is I would point out to my honourable friend and to the noble lady jumping from a certain reposition on the opposition benches it is a wo...
So the big questions are as yet unanswered so there's no point in going there but let's look at some of the issues that affect your department department of work and pensions will it be your policy...
Theresa may was asked today if she'd support brexit if the question were asked again today and she couldn't answer it you can well I was on the board of the strong green campaign nobody thought har...
Thirty five hours and metrolink loosely absolutely not acceptable nobody thinks that successful we've got to stop that but the point about the social care funding is again there are parts of the co...
Would it reach nine times now by twenty twenty sensors on the average wait wait don't rise as much will you fill that gap and make sure it gets to nine pounds and now we said we're aiming at sixty ...