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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah ah
Being flash in a coop roland anthony different goes in with the shaft benz the fucking thing I tell a lie grax the focking thing bish bosh
Billy 's doing these ribs stone age neither party
Boy you want to fight him more with me boy carol can you wanna fucking look at me look into my fucking eyes fries turkeys fucking tonight
Calling me again calling me I can calling me a cunt you cunt
Camera pops
Do me a favor
Draw edgy
Eighty seven eighty eight billy offends me one good thing I learned from french keep your own house in order
Eighty two to eighty six OK fucking fortune back anyway I can't fucking
First of january nineteen seventy three grand opening the casino black tie pretty always said gambling was for mud it is took two million the first year
Gangster 55 - Gangster No.1 Soundboard Sound
I've got a machete on a back seat a chopper on the passenger seat and this old beretta tell any trousers and i'm fucking happy green line remind green
Is a fake
Knew decade no more double six no more freddy normal any bye-bye maxi
Never understood that things ready after the horses till I bought one brown bomber burnt me a packet then disaster is one
Nineteen seventy two yes we're moving breaking him where freddie sleeves sore thing he never dreamed off
Ninety five ninety six ninety seven ninety eight ninety nine ninety nine
Ninety four not such a goodyear mad john murders his wife had the nested nathia now can do about as it happens in the supermarket fucking sad way to go down taken out that fucking place like a pops...
Ninety three magee 's children suffer the consequences of the eighties don't we all do we back businesses as good as ever poor little merchant bankers still got anaphora little to go
Oh love good night seems to maine the idea
One day i'll catch up with you you wanna wall i'll give you a fucking war one on time yummy bear i'll show you bloody the kingdom come
Pull up outside where lennie taylor lives hundred twenty four jubilee mentions is me outside where lennie taylor lives axe gun
So in about a year later some scarring benevolent seemed alright he bought me a drink what can I say he misbehaved god punished fuck
Solomon 's there was random back when it down their alley we went there to meet what's his name mickey mickey hari hari hari
Talking of golden oldies ready mazes get it out next week he could tell freddie again after
What was I supposed to do east died the fire he fucking shot me
Who are you nothing you're not OK lie
Would you take me for account
You won't really fall in love
You've done well for yourself thinking at