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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Crew gang mob and say the wrong thing on popping straight up, meaning almost straight up.
Don't you mean?
Even a gangster gang.
Fucking up for quick blocking.
Gang shit in the.
Gonna be the ills. Couldn't ginger don't you fuck with me you're gonna get fucked over by the llama background.
Groups moving that shit man.
Killing it means a white boy. Say you know something straight up.
Mainly on the hardcore gangster man.
Man, you know. I mean crooks man.
Reverend Crips. I've always been ripping the Crips.
Straight up G.
Think I'm straight up straight up against.
Thomas Realty group. Of washing company. Not for everywhere I can make an English right, because bigger bigger. We're going to follow me. Follow me bitch ass shit online trying to click on the Inte...
We've been condemning us straight at a combination for women and for women. Straight.
You gonna get fucked.
You mean you say genie rolling 300K? You wouldn't shin the hook, you ain't shit in them all from getting business business, business you ain't shit you ain't shit you ain't shit.