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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And each one of you gonna punch to get a paper by fucking point on more
But we're far cry from all that bloods and crips bullshit let's just cared see my being a fine and all that but it's really about reputation humiliating another mob in a rare or doing something tha...
But you want to make up for you don't care my brother 's family happy
Call that train should have been here ten minutes ago will be here soon enough mate is no way off that train station are bloods and remember nigel gets up donald control to himself nice one
Chops laugh fucking stupid you feel now come on then don't answer me yankee serves you right before it like
Come on guess you not much of a fire fighter probably the first fight I ever had you call that fight
Copy not missing the game is the one who wanted to learn about soccer
Fuck it I will take you with me you might learn something about soccer nah mate not about soccer and for fucks sake stop saying soccer
Fuck maine if I knew was goa bomb it's red and brought me fucking skullcap tottenham june off are you lossed or just fucking stupid still a stand up comedian I dunno
Fucking journals look at this worse than wins free no in a blind and performance and our little scrap makes the headline bollocks journal bullshit
I made a promise to steve will steph ain't here is he made I am and to be honest are pissing in the wind if you think i'm taking you with me
I'm not giving you the money you ain't really got a fucking choice mate and you start to get on my tits give me after money
If I don't convince those points that the end of their firm was not just taken by a fucking yank journal and i'm gonna tell him that bob 's got it wrong
Like bayes nanny for money or occas at you give me the fucking bees
Look like i'm not being funny the last thing I want to do is take you to the matter so is that works give me off the money our gut football you can have a ones around where churchill to top of what...
Not when you have us understand your credit fight fight I know how to fight just tell you someone you hate time on it
Or at the plant I call daddy tell what's happening spent twelve mazda manchester we need a couple of cats immediately fuck where's all the fucking cabs
Our firm is top notch it everyone knows it mill warm west down firms each other more than any other firms by far sort of like the yankees and red sox more like this raley's in the palestinians back...
Play the white nephew dunk knowledge manchester to him or not we are fucked station what they know where uh
Robert that you wanna finish me off then you already finish little paty the anti R take care of you in a miniature mug will you tell your san tommy you did you should have protected him
Sara lee more colonial cousin fine thanks bye thanks
Second it says when the G S C versus lapsley went the wrong behind we can leave our place
So I told you to shut up fuck you barber didn't fucking title what is it
So you would say that just got away or you wanna shut the fuck up shut me buffet this is what it's all about what we fucking little fucking
Sort garment into my place of business right shut up until you spoken to when you might have a better runner things at some point these boys don't know about your own men and about was you I keep i...
Tom tom a tom T shit is warm in slang
Tommy was just at home do you know why you do away is a fucking animal I love map
Walk fucking yourself
Well my book never could silence crap in our robot or a
Why teach history you teach yes cheeky slag