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According to the manual you're a jackass
Are you familiar with the term wrote it like a rented mule
Blah blah
Call crap
Damn I look good
Do not have the right to wear them array
Dodge that yes son of a bitch
Grenades are like ram you can never have too much
Hey if you suck that your own damn fault
Hey nice garnaas now who's going to save the human race
How are you still alive
I don't need bodies I just need a count
I would've been your daddy but that no beat me over the fence
If we survive remind me to kick your ass
It's actually pretty simple
Keep barron spent some of that taxpayer money
Leave the cursor into the professional son
Man you're shooting like you gotta cheat code
Next one who dies gets double duty cleans my laundry
So we have to develop what we called trust
This sucks with a capital K
Well I didn't like him either but damn
What is wrong with you
When you die i'm on be a happy happy happy
When you're cursing
You are lucky breathing is an involuntary reflex
You know that thing on the left it's outbreak
You're my mom thought I was going to be a doctor