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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Arrest That Man
Brute Singing
Brute Tin Man
Commander Keyes Ribbons
Cortana Meglomaniac
Cortana Rampant
Cortana Thanks For The Tank
Elite Asshole
Elite Brain
Elite Didn't I Give You This For Christmas
Elite Do I Look Like An Unggoy
Elite I Like You Too
Elite Is This Because Of Reach
Elite Make Me A Sandwich
Elite One Blue Eye And One Green Eye
Elite One Word For You
Elite We Might As Well Exchange Fluids
Elite Well Arbiter
Elite What's That Saying
Elite You Have Some Brains On Your Face
Five Mins Remaining
Give The Covenant Back Their Bomb
Grunt Bad Cyborg
Grunt Bad Feeling
Grunt Big Scary Thing Run Away
Grunt Birthday Party
Grunt But Arbiter Friend
Grunt Elites Are Good Brutes Stinky Bad Bad
Grunt I Will Love You
Grunt I'll Cross My Fingers Oh Crap
Grunt I'll Investigate
Grunt Killjoy
Grunt Laugh
Grunt Leader Dead Run Away
Grunt Maybe Sidekick Like Robin
Grunt Noob Giant Bullying Monster
Grunt Preferablly Adult Conversation
Grunt Resigned Early Death
Grunt Run Away
Grunt Scream
Grunt Startled
Grunt Stupid Jackel Say Thank You
Grunt Take More Than That
Grunt The Jerk Store Called
Grunt We Deserve It
Grunt You Killed FlipYap
Gunns Get Out My Armory Split Lip
Johnson And Take Your Hola Hoop Thing
Johnson Didn't Want Your Ass Kicked
Johnson For a brick, he flew pretty good!
Johnson Hey You Making A Sandwhich
Johnson I Heard That Jackass
Johnson Oh I Know What The Ladies Like
Johnson Please, Don't Shake The Lightbulb
Johnson Regret
Johnson's Speech
Little bastard in the front, big ones in the back
Marine According To The Manual
Marine And I Got No Tampons
Marine Bad Boys
Marine Breastplate
Marine Chief Glad You Could Make It
Marine Cortana's A Hottie
Marine Dance Do A Moonwalk
Marine Dear Diary Creepy Giant Stared At Me
Marine Dear Sue Haiku
Marine Gibberish
Marine Hey I Almost Had An Achievement
Marine Hey Mr. Spagetti
Marine Hey Take My Girlfriend Too
Marine Hey There Mr Blue Bastard
Marine Hope Cortana Isn't Jealous
Marine Hope They're To Busy Staring
Marine I Didn't Bring Enough Clean Drawers
Marine I'm Sorry Did You Mean To Suck
Marine If I Die Will You Marry My Girlfriend
Marine If You're Going To The Fridge
Marine Jackals With Sniper Rifles
Marine Letter To Mary
Marine Man Your Shooting Like A Cheat Code
Marine No Party In My Pants
Marine No Traffic For Miles And You Crash
Marine Ok You're Giant And Creepy
Marine One Down 50 Billion To Go
Marine Ooh Big Green Gonna Get You
Marine Permission To Speak Sir You Suck
Marine Pretty Or Slapped
Marine So You And Cortana
Marine Thank You Sir May I Have Another NOT
Marine They Remind Me Of Wookies
Marine This Is For Reach
Marine Well Done Marines
Marine What Is It Good For Absoultly Nothing
Marine What's The Password
Marine Who Let The Dogs Out
Marine Xray Vision
Marine Yeah I'm Great
Marine You Are To Ugly To Let Live
Marine You Can Look But No Touch
Marine You Had To Be The Hero
Marine You See Me In That Fight
Marine You Wanna Date Just Ask Me
Marine You're A Thing Named Blue
Marine You're Not My Type
Marines Dear Sarge Kicking Ass In Space
Marines I Kicked Him Right In The Nuts
Master Chief Boo
Master Chief I Need A Weapon
Master Chief Sir finishing this fight
Master Chief Tell That To The Covenant
Shipmaster Speech Quarantine Zone
Shipmaster Then It's An Even Fight
Slice N Dice
The Maw Legendary Ending