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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And they must have some fucking fight to low near maine
Any based chicken shit you in big trouble boy excuses are like assholes taylor everybody got one
Camille give me that centipede so yeah at long hairy red and black bastard I found in the ammo crate how to put it in this boys cross even walked
Charlie claymores strung up in the trees through a whole fucking platoon to pieces bed shit
Hello how are you back uh yeah it looks like it a king would you get those fears boy I found it all you found it you going on reports are now we are both do you come with make like a little job
Hey what do you say there OK how you doing there i'm not good not good this cock suckers got every card deck pour house look like you doing alright there started yeah and I ain't even cheating yet
How to go there but yeah that way sarge fucking lice man your fucking right that's what he is going to get everybody in this platoon in deep shit somebody wanted frag his ass
How you doing i'm just fine that's good 'cause you got second yes sir
I'm over it out let's go you little tennis move it i'll tell him let's go for price thank you for without lease up the weapons and let's go
Now now now now tubs and morehouse his short fuxiang is going on R and R tomorrow and you want to send them out in an ambush I you got the fresh meat buddy
So I think there baba going to be investigation or what bob
That's just great bob or you want me to do some one of my guys out to get zaps or some lame ass just in from the world can get his beauty sleep now
Well I kind of fit human on this when I write I mean I got a bad feeling I don't think i'm gonna make it outta here let's see what i'm saying you
Well that is one sorry ass mother fucking I say there bob guy like that make it yes I know ha ha ha ha I have to tell you that's precisely what I saw I mean sometimes I just look at a guy
Yeah this guys easily three four times my comma not not 'cause I got him in the o'neill death grip didn't wanna shit go blind for christ sake
Yeah what is coming up in three days I think about going away and see patsy above command anniversary for fucking thing over here you know I was thinking maybe but