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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And your parents have any children that lived so yes sir how 'bout they regret that you're so ugly you could be a modern art masterpiece what's your name fat body sir leonard lawrence sir lawrence ...
Are you putting on main how are you thank you find me fucking over fucking figure shit fuck up of my ass get the fuck down up about africa now
As my ride for less with my girl after my ride well this is my god god is love and my rifle this is my god bye bye
Get back in your bunks fuck is this mickey mouse shit looks at the name updated race christ are you animals doing in my hand why is private pyle out of his trunk after lights out by an private pyle
Gunnery Sgt. Hartman - Full Metal Jacket Soundboard Sound
Gunnery Sgt. Hartman - Full Metal Jacket Soundboard Sound
Holy jesus what is that what the fuck is that what is that private pyle star jelly doughnut sir up jelly doughnut sir yes sir
My dear scope so excuse for what sir i'm asking the fucking questions here private you understand sir yes sir thank you very much can I be in charge for awhile sir yes sir are you shook up are you ...
No airport for flip with your rifle now well get your rifle a girls name they called test as they only put a you people are going to get your days of finger banging
Oh shoulder hurt private power what are you trying to do to my beloved car sir I don't know sir you are dumb private public do you expect me to believe that you don't know left from right so no so
OK I get your fat ass over there from pile all that's right private pyle don't make any fucking effort to get up to the top of the fucking obstacles I bet you if there was some pussy up there on to...
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you got girlfriend vietnam I just this minute well baby me so horny
Sir yes sir I did joker why did you join my beloved cold search kelser so you're a killer sir yes sir please see your war face search you gotta warface AH that's or face now let me see your war face
Sorry explain hold on oil coming up hill climb obstacles like old people fuck you know that private pyle
That you john wayne is this mate or sad death unlock lock cylinder hoover climbing little common ship twinkle toed cock sucker down here who got signed his own death warrant no
Were you born about siamese come back you piece of shit private clothes or did you have to work on it
What's your name scumbag prada groundstar bullshit from now on your private snowball do you like that name lester well there's one thing that you won't like private snowball they don't serve fried ...
Why brother commandant like for the car out there hold I guess the car don't get there get up there pile
You are nothing but an organized grab bastic pieces of M phibian ship I do not look down on ******s type watts or greaser 's here you are all equally worthless