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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And if you ask maine the biggest ambition I have I will say to win the first periship match on the fourteenth of august this is the biggest ambition I have
And it's closer anything if you look at your score some pair twenty of the other scores would you think this is the one I want I wouldn't change the squads and I wouldn't change that generally from...
Ann you know omelets text no ex no helmets and depends of the quality of the eggs in the soup
Be proud private rides if you were hurted OK you were hurted if you have pain I have pain everyday and I i work everyday
Domestic premiership nil nils he had time to reflect on what would be the difference between sending them from draws into victories surfer
Everybody was waiting for a she also not win every game so this is a step and one day when we lose will be a holiday in the country but
Find me funny just ten times they don't win once what do you want me to call me
For me pressure is workflow i'm feeling about i'm serious i'm feeling a lot of pressure with this one in scott and i'm serious you are laughing but i'm serious this is not far
Foreign players that are bringing a lots of good things because they're obviously if they come if they come here is because they are talented but I prefer english blood in football and english bloo...
Hi morgan roberts fan banter football show we saw this big conference agent on the sidelines this week during the portugal game in which big field slurry punched a serbian player this is when we di...
His objective was one come here and take a point is objective was not to come here and to play good football was not to come here and try to win this is not play music this is not the best leading ...
I arrive here with my ego big now is even higher
I hope six thirty machinery goes into change and to leave perfect pitch for barcelona is it going to be ready example for wednesday I mean
I think you are very good but chelsea manager is jose marine not jimmy read I was enjoying in my in my office before the game to relax I was enjoying your stats and your comparison between north
I'll send this also said comments coming from managers saying that they're not in the title race come out of the fear of failure you know use a specialist in failure i'm not i'm not so if i'm
I'm european champion so i'm not one of of the bottle I think i'm a special one
If you want to get with me i'm ready i'm I never went to two are the same book bookmakers but if you want to wet my salary again still salary my salary against you
Is very difficult to play football match where only one team wants to play is very difficult
Jose is looking increasingly like a free horse rose for the title and your record head-to-head against finger and pellegrini 's fastly superior think you've lost once in twenty years or viruses in ...
Millions of english people does it I this is not my country I i just arrived but I can understand that belongs to your culture a lot belongs alot to you
My history as a manager cannot be compared as frank ricard history be cause you have zero titles and I have a lot of them
No smoke without fire jose in portugal yes center do you believe that in this case if
Nobody asked me my team do you want to know my team tomorrow so why don't you ask me i'm sorry
Nothing against sir alex uh I want to tell you one thing after the game after the press conference we were together in my office we love we spoke we speak we drunk and to be fair when we go to
Now at the time I was saying I was special because I I was european champions today is before that
Only for things to say congratulations to my players becaus they gave what they have and what they don't have congratulations to sunderland because they want congratulations to mike dean because yo...
Players don't winter office teams squads wins office
Please write what I say not what you want me to say because sometimes you write not what I say but what do you want me to say and what i'm saying is hundred percent that I have no doubt that we can
Pressure of having lost two games pressure is millions of people in in the world parents no money tool to buy food photos that's pressure not influence
The best thing to do is to do the medical in secret to do the medical in secret if the player is fine you can sign him if the player is not fine you don't destroy his career by saying
The club decides to segment because of bad results is that's part of the game that's part of the game if that happened i'll be meeting out and I will go
The decision was made which also look forward I look forward they move on I move on I keep winning important things they keep winning something they wanna
The game is over my wife doesn't know the result she's waiting for me to call she's always in in doubt because she doesn't know the result so if I can give her the result two minutes before better
They cry they cry when is not going in their favor when the other day they get the penalty in the don't cry you know and appendix are friends and they they were the same shirt as them so
They didn't play football one thing is defend well but try to win the game and play some football another thing is just defend and defend and defend and kick balls away and kickball sup anf
This is the game of your life you know you are all crazy to make a big backpage about chelsea first feet and for us is one morgan
We have top players and then i'm sorry i'm a bit arrogant we have a top manager
When I know you that's jose marie neo
You can see but you look at my haircut and you can you can understand that i'm ready for the world
You know they they like to cry that's tradition but uh I prefer to say that and I was telling that to the fourth official I prefer to say that english people
You want another thing I can say I can say my team and bars at him and the referee referee frisk barcelona valdez belletti boil mark
You're going to think I could bring more black and decker like connected to destroy the wall and cause was