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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All along
And if you got nothing to say is for you and and hear me you said your points of this of these parties phonegap so don't get upset what are you getting upset
Are you out there looking well thank you darling same to you about sigma freely as it felt so i'm not going to lie so respectively
As the lights for you in child are just and take a step back and I just need to do things to myself to see how you feel I can't satin cigarettes I am officially single gyrating because we said it o...
Black correct me if i'm wrong but I felt like I was writing about him and I forgot you was running about maine you know was so for you to have that inside of you that anger towards me that's not so...
But it's gonna be drinking enough away he fed yeah yeah yeah good good I just wanted to come and clear the atmosphere you've obviously got the app that records your CV overnight and
Can you can you explain how I spoke to you like a bit of dirt because all life like remember is saying cheese jam thanks mugging me off
Franklin blowpipe yeah i'm here just to pick up charlie assume aside oversley from club POV on the actually about what's going on now everyone turn around and saying that your cheatin and all these...
Fucking apologize so many stuff and it's not it's not empty words it's not that I went to vegas fault fuck it i'm going to fucking disrespect all the scenes i'm not asking that way
Hair extensions yet OK i'll speak he was a call back OK bye hey I wanted to come here and just I want to move forward and we want to move forward as friends
Hey guys got some kendra so you might like one of the
Hey i've been looking for you for even time he left your pants yeah
Hi good how are you i'm good i'm good i'm glad that you've come to meet me I think that this whole ways throughout hand the other night where all of this is so intense like arm
How good is it mean tonight I know I love you i'll tell you what the irish know out to party
How much of this was nothing to measure workplace or G was tire elliott riot
I don't understand your generosity you're so jealous of maine is actually quite funny now
I don't want no atmosphere is not good it's not good for everybody trust me I feel exactly saying 'cause at one point I actually kind of feel like we got on very well the botox benta was out of lin...
I kinda hope that we can settle our differences because i'm quite sick and tired of you constantly digging me out if i'm honest really wanting you
I mean the whole saying am I more attractive in her I would never ever say that about another woman OK
I think at the moment this one work and I think if we are meant to be together then we will come back
I want a moment let's get that straight was a drunk in the silly thing with our teachers knock your son I why would learn nine what would I like you are such a dog pile how much
I want to start fresh only get back to him yeah
I'm not asking you to respect may i'm asking to speak charlie i've seen it see your smile in your face is smiling up this is actually did in my bare your snarky
I've lived in brentwood my whole life so I know everyone everyone secrets so you can't get away from maine
It seems as if you're flirting with jake a little bit you know when you haven't checked him in my buyer you know I think that people need to stop taking things so seriously like with the jake situa...
NBA player today oh yeah you gotta be from cloudy lyrics is it bedtime smile on your face phone these boys
Neither stop you right there
Not give you say that you're more attractive than I am because I messed up
Not yet by thanks you loser opinion now and gives a fuck but you
Room outlooks chloe lewis and changing rooms right but I mean guys she went in she went all behaving your backstabbing i'm surprised you haven't got any friends if you know what you're never going ...
Then you begin
Translate because she pulled chicken
Which one to figure out best way to say it oh my god what you gonna say
You think because you wanted running for five minutes i've known him for four and a half years so popular charlie longer five minutes
You're continually attacked by powerful women your saponins may also use a little girl child is shield kelvin and that's why you're you're you're playing here isn't it yeah OK cool you want to bury...