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Created by Steenerson 1,457 13,601
Auntie Angela

Auntie Angela

Wishy Washy Old Lady
Created by Miss Childs:

Alrighty buh by
Angela 2
Don't know how I got your number
How's Everything with You
I apologize
I apologize for having called your number
I can't hear you
I didn't quite get finished but
I don't know how I got your number
I have an idea
I saw something unreal today
I'm a widow and 74
I'm not sure who I'm talking to
I'm on a cord phone maybe that has something to do with it
I'm sure it was just a mistake
I'm sure it was just an accident
Maybe that has something to do with it
My name doesn't sound familiar to you
My name is Angela
My name is Angela and I apologize if I dialed your number and you're a stranger
Please forgive me for disturbing you
Rant - broken hip
Rant - hour or two
Rant - sorry
Rant - tired and weak
Sorry 2
That doesn't ring a bell to you
That may have something to do with it
That's real strange
That's really weird
Uh huh
Uh no
Well I'll be darned that's really strange
What is your name?
Where are you 2
Where are you?
Where do you live?
Who are you trying to call?
Who's calling please?
Would you mind telling me your name?
Yes 2
You mis-dialed the number