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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A Worthy Tribute
A Worthy Tribute Morphed
Ah Dragons Gold
Ah Dragons Gold Morphed
An Honorable Demise
An Honorable Demise Morphed
Another Transformation
Armor Grows Stronger
Armor Grows Stronger Morphed
Armored And Dangerous
Assault Cuirass
Assault Cuirass Morphed
Attack Morphed
Be The Last Thing You See
Be The Last Thing You See Morphed
Black King Bar
Black King Bar Morphed
Blink Dagger
Blink Dagger Morphed
By My Blade
By The Shield Of Slyrak
Cant Escape The Dragon
Cant Escape The Dragon Morphed
Char Your Bones
Char Your Bones Morphed
Compelled To Battle
Compelled To Battle Morphed
Dragon Charred
Dragon Charred Morphed
Dragon Comes For War Morphed
Dragon Knight
Dragon Knight Morphed
Dragon Nature Unleashed
Dragon To The Fray
Dragon To The Fray Morphed
Dragonnade Morphed
Dragons Live Forever
Eldwyrms Carry You To Rest
Eldwyrms Carry You To Rest Morphed
Enjoy Your Last Moments
Enjoy Your Last Moments Morphed
Face The Knight
Face The Knight Morphed
Fast As A Diving Dragon
First Blood
First Blood Morphed
Fly By Night
Forward Morphed
Fought And Died With Honor
Fought And Died With Honor Morphed
Gold Wins Wars
Gold Wins Wars Morphed
Higher Honor
Higher Honor Morphed
Honor Of The Ancients
Honor Of The Ancients Morphed
I Need No Steed
I Need No Steed Morphed
I Soar Higher
I Soar Higher Morphed
I Unsheathe The Wyrmblade
I Unsheathe The Wyrmblade Morphed
Ill Notch Your Skull
Ill Notch Your Skull Morphed
Ill Take That
Ill Take That Morphed
Immortality Morphed
In Strength Is Victory
In Strength Is Victory Morphed
In The Scabbard Of Your Bowels
Into A Rage I Fly
Into The Bottle
Into The Bottle Morphed
Invisibility Morphed
Its In The Bag Morphed
Its Not Time Yet
Its Not Time Yet Morphed
Ive Killed Dragons
Ive Killed Dragons Morphed
Killing Jakiro
Killing Jakiro Morphed
Killing Lina
Killing Lina Morphed
Killing Sven
Killing Sven Morphed
Knight In Dragons Armor
Knight In Dragons Armor Morphed
Live By The Sword
Live By The Sword Morphed
Melt This Down For Armor
Melt This Down For Armor Morphed
Mine Morphed
More Gold For My Hoard
More Gold For My Hoard Morphed
My Gratitude
My Gratitude Morphed
Nay Morphed
Never Make A Deal With A Dragon
Never Make A Deal With A Dragon Morphed
No Morphed
Not Done With Me Yet
Not Done With Me Yet Morphed
Not Enough Mana
Not Enough Mana Morphed
Not On My Watch
Not On My Watch Morphed
Of Course
Of Course Morphed
On Your Guard
On Your Guard Morphed
Onward Morphed
Our Shields Shall Clash
Powers Abounding
Powers Abounding Morphed
Put You Out Of Misery
Put You Out Of Misery Morphed
Satanic Morphed
Scepter Morphed
Shall End In Fire
Shall End In Fire Morphed
Shizzy Wizard
Shizzy Wizard Morphed
Soon You End
Soon You End Morphed
Swiftly Morphed
Thanks Morphed
The Dragon Comes For War
The Dragon Slyrak
The Dragon Slyrak Morphed
The Dragon Wakes
The Dragon Wakes Morphed
The Inner Dragon Wakes
The Inner Dragon Wakes Morphed
The Sleeping Dragon Wakes
The Tournament Commences
The Tournament Commences Morphed
To The Dead Of Night
To The Dead Of Night Morphed
We Cross Swords
Who Calls The Dragon Knight
Who Calls The Dragon Knight Morphed
Will Only Hurt A Lot
Will Only Hurt A Lot Morphed
Wisdom Of The Eldwurms
Wisdom Of The Eldwurms Morphed
Worth All The Gold In My Lair
Worth All The Gold In My Lair Morphed
Wyrmblade Cuts Deep
Yes 1
Yes 1 Morphed
Yes 2
Yes 2 Morphed
You Fought With Honor
You Fought With Honor Morphed
You I Smite
You I Smite Morphed
Youll Need No Gold
Youll Need No Gold Morphed
Youve Been Dragooned
Youve Been Dragooned Morphed