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A similar has disconnected
All threads of emanated
All threats neutralized
An ally has been deleted
An ally has been neutralized
An ally has been reset
An enemies code is legendary
An enemies functions and dominating
An enemy champion has been expunged
An enemy has been erased
An enemy has been nullified
An enemy has been terminated
An enemy has forced quicker teams processes
An enemy has illuminated your team
An enemy has performed a binary termination
An enemy has performed a double deletion
An enemy has performed a tetrad deletion
An enemy has performed a triple deletion
An enemy has terminated your teams program
An enemy status has been said to legendary
And enemies code has been set to rampage
And enemies kill spree protocol has initiated
And enemies subroutines are god like
And enemies termination mode is unstoppable
Binary termination
Defeat end of line
Defeat prepare to power down
Defeat program resetting
Deletions by defensive node
Double deletion
Elimination by network node
Enemy champion deleted
Enemy team at zero percent capacity
Enemy team erased
Ever end meeting not found
First if asia
Four oh four error champion not found
God like
God mode disengaged
Kill duplication
Kill spree protocol initiated
Kills remote engaged
Killstreak cancelled
Legendary certification achieved
Malfunction champion code reset
Malfunction corrected enemy champion code reset
Minion allocation in thirty seconds
Minion integration in thirty seconds
Minion protocol engaged
Minion subroutine deploy in thirty seconds
Minion support deployed in thirty seconds
Minion support initiated
Minions deployed
Next is power source under attack
Operations summoners rift is go
Or malfunctions deleted
Project download complete
Project minion launch in T minus thirty seconds
Rampage mode engaged
Rampage protocol initiated
Recycled by defensive node
Summoners rift game mode engaged
Team complemented twenty percent
Tetra deletion
The enemies inhibitor is rebooting momentarily
Thirty seconds until active minions
Thirty seconds until minion units engage
Thirty seconds until minions activation
To air is human
Trinity kill
Triple deletion
Triple termination concede
Victory end of line
Victory prepared to power down
Victory program resetting
You had deleted an enemy
You had neutralized an enemy
You have an indonesian to malfunction
You have been deleted
You have been nullified
You have deleted an inhibitor
You have notified inhibitor
You have nullified an enemy
You have terminated an enemy
You have unloaded and enemies code
You have updated in enemies output to dev null
Your champion has been deleted
Your defense notice been destroyed
Your inhibitor has been deleted
Your inhibitor has been nullified
Your inhibitor is rebooting momentarily
Your network node has been destroyed
Your next power source is taking damage
Your output has been updated to dev null
Your team has destroyed a turret
Your team is at zero percent capacity