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Rakan - League of Legends

Rakan - League of Legends

Rakan Soundboard from League of Legends (LoL). League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
After this how about we get some human food a nice dinner chocolate chocolate
Ah you wanna smell it no flower for you
Ain't nothing I say should be taken seriously that's why it's the truth
Alright let's go this way or that way stick to the plan we have a plan we always have a plan oh really
Also your look is played out
Am I good to you the best
Am I not magnificent
Am I not magnificent
Another dead poser
Are you having fun over there I can't hear you over all the fun i'm having
Aw ticket
Baby what did I tell you try not to die close enough
Be right back will you know these things you you can know these things
Be safe
Be silent and live
Better hurry up
Big girl had too much going on
Bring in the funk
Bring in the shell
Business that but the beat box out to do the
Can I start it of- you wanna start it up let's start it of-
Can we just get started already
Can we just stay here we must keep moving
Can't stop me
Challenge accepted
Come on
Come on
Come on full thought he could match my style
Come out
Coming up
Consequences only matter if I don't get away
Correct I totally forgot why i'm here
Dance or die
Danger is as fun as you let it be
Danger zone
Darling yes pay attention to me
Data let's give betty boo
Dia zicha crap what was I supposed to do
Did you notice the sky it's lovely not as beautiful as you
Did you see the clothes those guys were wearing yeah gross
Do do do do
Do I make you happy work on every day of my life
Do we need any of these fools not a single one
Do you love me because i'm beautiful or because i'm sexy now love is so cruel
Do you remember our escape route yes i'll take that as a no
Do you remember the afte waterfall yeah i'd like to go there again
Do you remember the plan no but let's do it
Do you wanna smell it not for you
Don't leave nothing bring it all
Every road leads someplace
For humans magic is like fire for us it is water and air
Full thought he could upstage me
Fun I need some fun now
Girl thought she could pull out my soul but I got too much so
Gotta feeling I shouldn't have done that
Gotta get myself hyped OK want to want to woo alright
Ha ha siri papa boo
He had some style for a human
Heading over
Heads up
Hell let's do it
Hello anybody there
Hello world I am single now
Hello you ready for maine
Here I come
Here's what's happening
Hey I got a joke for you
Hey I have a plan you have a plan yeah i'll go on instinct that's the opposite of a plan
Hey I need you here never mind just go that way no one can control main that's right babe
Hey i'm not gonna kill you she is say hi honey hi
Hey i'm right here so can you be less uptight and lame now
Hey what did the five fingers say to the face
Hey what you doing
Honey what are you doing I can't die looking this good
How can humans not hear the magic there too busy building things why because they're afraid
How do you like me today more than yesterday less than tomorrow
How long do we fight until we are free until magic is free is that after lunch
How long since we last dance too long
How many fights we gotta win all of them
How sad face
How will we know if the plan works will still be alive
Humans claim it is there's they fence us away and cover it and refuse
Humans made promises more than I can remember they kept none
Humans talk about their treaties we talk about their lies
Humans think that to believe in something you have to be serious about it that's their problem
I am a chronic line stepper
I am definitely more confident in dangerous situations
I am not blind to any possibility
I am only as wild as magic
I am rockham what's with the accent trying something new you like it no no I do not
I bet she's gonna be angry about that later
I can be very distracting
I can't die looking this good
I can't die looking this good
I can't wait to get in there I don't know what i'm going to do but I am gonna get in there
I can't wait to see what i'm gonna do
I dance because i'm free
I dance because i'm free
I dance so fine I kill
I dig seeing stuff
I do not wish to kill the mortals I want them to hear the music
I don't do safe
I don't do safe
I don't like this
I don't need anything but the right now
I don't need to understand the plan I trust my love
I don't want a war but I want to be free
I don't want a world that safe
I don't want to like killing but this time I did
I feel alright
I feel like my allies aren't recognizing how amazing my cloak is I mean seriously rude
I find this parallel universe stuff very upsetting
I got freedom I got a lady I gotta cause I die for that's who I am
I got my look right I got my moves right time to show it
I got one more thing for you
I got some moves for you
I got some news for you
I got that deadly fresh style
I got three rules you're breaking two of them with that outfit
I hate everyone today even may not you baby
I hate everyone today I know it'll make you feel better murdering everyone
I have a cunning plan really what is it i'm not gonna tell you that's the really cutting bit
I have got to stop talking to myself damn it saila where are you
I have killed her I will kill for her again
I have your back
I know people are watching how could they not be
I know your bestie about your tribe lacks style
I like parties with a little violence
I live in the moment
I look around these forests and I see freedom I hear the music
I look good I feel good let's kick some ass
I love you I know
I miss her already oh well
I miss I A
I need my love to hurt I need the world to be scary I don't apologize for it I feel good
I need to get it
I need to know when the actions coming
I need to see if people can see how awesome I am
I need you to be more careful it's gonna be me I can't see you die also black is a terrible color on me
I remembered your trespass
I should totally get paid for this
I showed you the dance you should've moved
I swear you will be the death of me i'm fine with that me too
I think scars are sexy OK i'll get more
I think they underestimate my charm how is that even possible
I think xayah told me to improvise at least that's the only part of the plan I remember
I think you intimidate human females yeah so it's kinda hot
I totally forgot why i'm here
I want to feel everything that's the only way to live
I want to show I adore your enerji
I will make them dance I will make them here
I will walk in I will dance they will party
I'll just put that there that's a good place I hope yeah
I'm a humble entertainer really darling yeah i'm the best
I'm coming i'm coming
I'm G to the D gold and diamonds boy woo
I'm getting impatient
I'm going rogue there's a surprise
I'm going to show people some of the strange
I'm going to slap over here
I'm going to take all they got then laugh as I throw it away
I'm going to tear this place up
I'm gonna burn this place down then help them build it back up so I can burn it again
I'm gonna hit him
I'm gonna kill you she is nice to unmeet you
I'm gonna live forever
I'm gonna slap oh you
I'm handling it dear are you I was at I will
I'm here i'm gone I am so god
I'm here to party
I'm here we can get it started
I'm incorrigible
I'm just trying to live the moment
I'm lucky to have you know i'm the lucky one
I'm not about killing but i'll put in the work
I'm offended by how little attention I was given
I'm pretty sure i'm supposed to scout around pretty pretty sure
I'm right here
I'm so fine I gotta kiss myself
I'm so tired you gotta rest honey everyone is depending on me everyone can wait
I've been kicked around since I was born it's alright it's OK i'm staying alive
Iambus tire I am born of magic this is my destiny
If I vanished what would you do I would never be whole again
If it don't get out of control it ain't A party
If things go wrong they always go wrong they don't always go wrong mostly they mostly go wrong that's why i'm here
If we get separated i'll find you we won't get separated you're already wandering off no i'm not only a little
If you aren't a little frightened you ain't alive
If you don't want to do this so I want to you're only here because of me freedom fighting is a good look for me
If you look at things the right way it's awesome
If you need me whistle you know how to whistle don't you it's not whistling
Insulted yet
Is my clock right yes it is I was worried there for a second
Is totally bogus your thing
Isaiah hey damn where is she I hate it when she leaves
Isaiah says someone has to die they die and they deserved it
Isaiah yeah you sexy
It ain't a party without a fight
It don't take a lot of words to tell the truth
It gonna slow me down
It is from our blood your gifts came and my hand that took it back
It's a revolution and it's good times
It's all filthy and dangerous and that's why I love it
It's gonna be OK we can do this I know that
It's magic that's wild i'm just here for the party
Keep them distracted that shouldn't be a problem
Kinda feel bad for the guy his feathers were weak
Kiss me honey why now give them a pretty last image
Ladies and gentlemen I am here to entertain myself mostly by you too
Learn to dance
Let me add brick on is very enthusiastic
Let's dance
Let's dance
Let's get interesting
Let's get it
Let's get it started
Let's go baby baby baby bye bye
Let's see what these animals can do
Let's see what's happening now