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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A joke did you get it across me in a dark valley eviscerated
A new blade when is the fight but a keen mind wins the war
A shadow and outkast
A sharp blade quickens the work
A static
A weapons virtue is proven in combat
Actually you fall down
Adapt or perish
All bluster their execution
All the class and manners I expect from a Zaunite
All your base are belong to us
Always done it with the one who broke too
An island of aruba nation al glamorous
And all the naxi and high command could we put riven together again
And that was this instead
Another step on the march of progress
Anything worth doing is worth doing right
Are you fighting back fish
Artificial intelligence can't upgrade natural stupidity
Ask permission if you want to leave
Authorizing deadly force
Behave yourself
Being nice is so tedious
Better to be cells made then made to serve
Bills is dressing like a commoner fashionable now arm
Bloodshed and the upper class had always gone hand in hand
Both flash and no substance
Bottoms up
Bravado is contrary to civility watch like boys
Bundle skull number one be better
Call inadequate
Can you type will not embrace your skirts
Chairmanship has no place in battle
College is worse than amazingness
Command line received kill dash nine
Complacency breeds death
Consider your purity achievement unlocked
Curity foreman purity of function
Damn I can someone push eater 's hat rack
Death leaves no ambiguity
Defragmentation complete
Deletion achieved
Did daddy buying that gun
Did you really think you could run
Do nothing if you wish to be nothing
Do you have a formula for being better
Don't be funny be useful
Don't beg for attention it's unbecoming
Don't go looking for something you don't want to find
Don't make threats
Don't take it personally you were simply not passed
Don't think age if you don't seek to win
Don't walk away run
Don't worry i'm not finished yet
Doubt still clouds your matrix
Efficiency at all costs
Efficiency is paramount to success
Elephants never goes out of fashion
Elsa rhythm is so is sick
End of the line
Even programs must be executed
Everything has a place for getting yours is dangerous
Excellence is a treat you luck
Exterminating you would be a pleasure
Extremes are easy it's the best that is different
Eye on the target
Fans missed objective complete
Fear sharpens every blade
Flawed first generation
For you this will be over in a moment
Fortune favors the wealthy
Fragmentation detected
Funny thing about here as we all ended
Good luck in your next incarnation
Ha ha ha
He is little thing
Here, doggy
Heroes make suckiness targets
Hi and the solution
Hostility works if courtesy fails
Hot indian food
Hourglass kid was handled brush already taken
How about a taste of your own medicine
How do you say it hasta la vista baby
How gouache
How rude
How very Noxian of you
Humanity has proven unnecessary
I am no one's puppet
I am not being said
I am not one of your blunt objects and forces
I am the only weapon necessary
I am the trap
I despise middle men
I didn't say you could leave
I don't leave witnesses
I don't play the game I make the rules
I don't wonder how you became often
I embrace my mission
I ensure the survival of piltover
I find your competency knocking
I find your skill lacking
I go with the work leads
I hate snow
I have the patience
I have yet to be wrong
I heard you still think that's funny when I slit your throat
I know what I am do you
I said good day
I see why they started over a few
I suppose dying is the ultimate miss
I suppose I must teach you and listen
I suppose we introverts within ten minutes
I think I got some money
I think you deserve better you don't
I will make you an irrelevant detail
I wish you had called a deniable asset
I'll be back
I'm a woman you are some sort of pudding
I'm coming to get you
I'm going to work
I'm nominating neutralized
I'm old enough to know better
I'm the one who keeps the wolves at bay
I've already figured you out
I've seen bigger tempests in my tea cup
If blood phase me I would be very good at my job
If life hasn't changed him then you have failed
If you don't have the talent to fight at least half decent they should die
In rogue weapon boo hoo
In your case intelligence seems like an unhappy accident
Inattention to detail produces shoddy work
Industry always tribes
Is that fear I detect
Is that the result you were looking for
Is your floor
Isn't your master teach you to heal
It is not the weapon that defines you but how you wield it
It would have been better for you to stay dead
It's a fine line between deadly and dead
It's like looking into a crude boorish mirror
It's not lies that cut but the sharpness of the truth
Just waiting for my subroutine to kick in
Leader brings everyone to their knees
Let me be clear I will kill you
Let's hat more pants
Living another day was not in the cards
Looks like I missed a spot
Looks like two blades are better than one
Looks like you want the hero
Mediocre at best
Mediocrity is the root of all evil
Meekness was never virtue of mine
Messi is not one of my protocols
Mind your surroundings
Mindfulness or online them for you
Mission critical upgraded
Money makes everything easier
Monkey see monkey die
Morality is a beautiful servant and a dangerous master
My blades are sharper
My boy no one cares about your silly little country
My motives are not your concern
My orders are here
My orders are to eliminate you
No at least die with some dignity
No one warns that lots of twitter
No thinking for yourself must be difficult
No your place
Not all dogs go to heaven
Obviously you want to learn in computer
Oh i'm not playing with you
Oh look it's the worst of times
Oh noxeema 's or night in a friendly audience walk into my blade the end
Oh yes i'm floyd when negotiations fail
Oh your brother broke quickly
Oh your revolution quit
Only command which you can enforce
Only cowards run
Opportunity for both those who wait
Order exists because of me
Other temple run your indecision is repulsive
Pathname breeds weakness
Patience is what separates good hunters from dead ones
Patience isn't a virtue it is the virtue
Pay attention
Pay attention boy maybe next time you get it right
Play in the shadows at your peril
Precision is the only standard that matters
Privilege must be preserved at all costs
Problem solved
Professionals never second guess
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Program Camille - League of Legends Sound
Progress is served by technology not controlled by it
Progress is turned on necessary death
Progress should never be kept waiting
Progress trump suffering
Projects like grows dim
Regret is what tempers the steel of ourselves
Remove the strong and watched the week crumble
Repaired protocols are highly overrated
Resulta over the matters
Rudeness is a sure way to an ugly death
Rudeness must be eradicated
Run along girl and mine joyless
Running will make no difference
Saving innocence is so time consuming
Scissors beats paper
Search in which received