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Rude Ringtones

Rude Ringtones

Listen to these clips you will realize it can be a giggle, it can be utilized in various applications such as mobile phone ring tones or being sent as a background sound in an email. Some are rude, others are menacing. Adult Language

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Do you fancy a looking what's down my panties?
Do you fancy licking me out?
Do you take it up the shitter?
Hello sexy, do you fancy having something big and throbbing between your legs tonight?
Hello unfortunate for you, having a penis only that small.
Hello, you total smelly fat fucker of a bastard.
How come your breasts are so saggy?
I always swallow.
I love, I love the backside.
I want to be fucked like I've never been fucked before.
I wondered why girls don't like you because you have sex with men and having also like a clown project.
We know who you are. We know where you live and where coming to get you.
You dirty bastard.
You have got the smallest penis I have ever seen.
You're fucking ugly. Just looking at you makes me wanna.
Your penis is so small and it smells of cheese.
Your vagina is huge and smells of dead fish.