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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Are those prostitutes
Are you threating me
Are you threating me TP for my peepee
Bowdown to the amighty cornholio
Check it our a Reservoir I'm gunna blow it up
Child molester messed with wrong preschooler
Damit that sucks
Definitely rat turds
Did you unplug your computer mam?
Do not hang up on me
Do you have any matches?
Erm ok
Ever tried kicking it
Every child molester looks just like that
For I am the great cornhoilo
He's a child molester believe me
Hi may I take your order
Hows the weather in biloxi
I am chinese
I am Cornholio you will name your baby
I am hamid
I am hamid I am Chinese
I am sorry I've only been working here a short distance
I am the great Cornholio #beavis and butthead #toilet paper #poop #bathroom #bunghole
I need TP or my peepee
I think these are rat turds
I think this is GTA San Andreas with airplanes
I understand your frustration
I understand your frustration2
I wanna run over some lawyers
I wanna see nasty housewifes now
I'm gonna shoot some gang members
I'm gonna shoot some prostitutes
I'm gunna blow up some cars
It's disgusting
It's tough been a single mom you know
Look little turds every where
Looks like we got some company
Me chinese me put peepee in your coke
My name is Hamid
No man shoud be without TP
Now you can go to hell
Oh wait a min
Porn oh there's my sisters, Oh hey Dad
Porn porn porn
Pornography whats that
Shut up butthole
Son of of a bitch eat our nachos
Stigmata from lake titicaca
That's all the Chinese I know
Try setting it on fire
What is a pedestrian
Where are the prostitutes
Whores in that park
Yeah I understand your frustration
Yeah yeah to death
You don't like it you dont pay
You know what woud be good porn
You will be love my bumhole