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Created by RKOJPL7 1,031 9,067
Posh Ealing Lady

Posh Ealing Lady

Audio Credit to RexPrankz

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Are you ringing this number what number are you ringing
Are you the person that rung the other evening
Explain to them that your getting phone calls that you don't want
Hello 3
I am a private person living in Ealing
I can hear you yes
I can't understand what your talking about
I don't know who your ringing but it's certainly not this number
I have been in the house for the last 3 hours and I have not made a call to anybody
I have no connection with you what so ever
I haven't got a mobile
I haven't got a mobile and this is a private house
I haven't rung you I don't know what your talking about
I'm not ringing anybody
I'm not talking about mobiles what is your phone number
I'm sorry
I'm sorry I can't hear you
I'm sorry I have no idea what your talking about
I've never rung you I don't know what your on about
If you don't want these calls ring BT and tell them
It's who
Now I don't know who you are because I have no connection with you what so ever
Now look we've had this twoddle night after night
Oh goodbye
Please stop ringing
Please stop ringing this number
That's all I can tell you
The name is cole
This is a private address in ealing
This is a private house and we do not want phone calls
We just told you
Well it's not me
Well who are you
What are you talking about?
What do mean who am I
What do you mean who am i
What is your name
What is your name 2
What is your phone number
What is your phone number 2
What number are you calling
What number are you ringing
What park
What sort of park
What you've got hold of my number I have no idea
What's broken up
Where are phoning from
Where are you phoning from
Who is that
Who...Who are you
Why am I suppose to tell you who I am
Will you ring BT
Will you ring BT and tell them your getting these calls
You can't hear me