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Are you OK?
Are you okay
Are you out of your mind?
Baby Yoda #baby yoda #yoda #mandalorian #star wars
Baby Yoda pushing buttons #kids #stop touching things #meme #baby yoda #star wars #dont touch #playing with buttons #add
Baby Yoda ride #baby yoda #star wars #yoda #mandalorian
Baby Yoda sipping soup #baby yoda #watching #nothing to see here #entertained
Baby Yoda Wave #baby yoda #star wars #yoda #mandalorian #see you #hi #hello #goodbye #bye #wave bye #wave hi #wave hello #handwave #nice to see you #flirting
Can we talk about this later?
Do not self destruct
Do not self destruct.
Do you have a landspeeder or speeder bike that I could hire?
Don't touch anything pt2
Don't touch anything pt3
Don't touch anything. I'll find us some lodging and I'll come back for you.
Excuse me can i have a word
Excuse me, can I have a word?
Here's what I'm going to do.
Here's what i'm gonna do pt1
Here's what i'm gonna do pt2
How did you end up here?
How do i know i can trust you
How do I know I can trust you?
How'd you end up here
I can bring you in warm pt2
I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold
I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold.
I can bring you in warm.
I can't thank you enough pt2
I can't thank you enough.
I could use a crew member of your ability
I could use a crew member of your ability and I can pay handsomely.
I don't belong here
I don't belong here.
I don't know if i want your help
I don't know if I want your help.
I don't know if you heard, but the empire is gone.
I have spoken #it is so #end of conversation #star wars #kuill
I have spoken #wisdom #let it be so #end of conversation #all i can say #kuill #star wars
I like those odds
I like those odds.
I need passage to the yards
I understand.
I want my next job
I want my next job.
I'm a mandalorian
I'm a mandalorian.
I'm a mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion.
I'm going to walk to my ship with the kid and you're going to let it happen.
I'm trapped here.
Is there something i can help you with
Makes no difference to me
Makes no difference to me.
My ship has been destroyed pt1
My ship has been destroyed.
No droids
No droids.
Not yet
Not yet.
Or I can bring you in cold.
Please allow me to give you a portion of the reward.
Sipping Soup #baby yoda #sipping #just watching #enjoying the show #entertainment #nothing to see here #star wars
So you think i'm some kind of mercenary
So you think I'm some kind of mercenary?
Thank you
Thank you.
That would be a great honor
That would be a great honor.
That's all you can give me
That's all you can give me.
That's very thoughtful of you
That's very thoughtful of you.
The empire is gone
The passage to the arts.
There's something I can help you with.
This is the way
This is the way #this is the way #mandalorian
This is the way.
Till our paths cross.
What else did he say
What else did he say?
What's the chaincode?
What's your highest bounty?
Where do you live
Where do you live?
Why so slow
Why so slow?
You stay right here. You stay, don't move, you understand.
You want some soup.
Your name will be legendary #legend #famous #well known #epic #star wars