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After 90 years with human lifespan is how long an average of 80 years.
All of this life has to start somewhere.
But you will reap with his stolen.
From monkeys.
How did the higher power come to exist?
How does the supernatural cost exist?
I'm talking about, uh, the views in the ways that you call Sprint. This illogical information to people.
Just like human beings.
My question is OK, how does he have the humans exist?
OK now, uh, what I'm disagreeing with is, uh, some of the views an some of the things that you say about our humanity and how humans were created.
OK, but I'm disagreeing with the reason you say that humans in life exist.
OK, it would have to be a higher power.
OK, now I believe that OK, there's a Kohl's in affect for everything.
OK, now if you would go out when you go outside, look at the clouds, look at the Chinese look at the birds, then ask yourself how does all this exist.
OK, now this There's this other theory.
OK, now you're not gonna walk this earth off forever.
OK, the higher power is. Let's see, it's the beginning.
OK, well I don't believe that.
OK, well something had to spring this whatever you talking about that began all of life into existence.
OK, what questions?
OK, where did this man who had was this matter created?
OKA, now I hear people talking about the atheist experience on this local channel.
So you have to go back to where you started before your life began.
So you're saying this starts with some type of Adam and nucleus or something up in the attic space region?
Well, I have sympathy for yourself.
Whatever you talking about.