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Bob Chandler Soundboard

Bob Chandler Soundboard

Robert Franklin Chandler Jr. (4 September 1927 – 6 September 2011 was the father of Christian Weston Chandler, Carol Chandler and David Alan Chandler, the stepfather of Cole Smithey, and husband of Barbara Weston Chandler. Bob became a firm favorite with trolls due to Chris's antipathy towards him and for his infamous cameo when he walked in on Chris mass debating; his nickname, "The Internet Lumberjack", came from this incident, no pun intended.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And I think if I if you think I called your number then that's what's happening to you because I did not call your number
And then the central part of virginia where we got two feet of snow
And these please trolls have found somewhere somebody that have engineered a set of software that allows them to call people on the telephone and put in any particular number they wanted
And this is a system they've got its how spoofing have I understand from the police in everybody
And what you just did was stick a knife in her back and kill us
Are you just call my name so how do you know maine
Are you six years old or something
Because I didn't call your number
Big daddy 's pizza
Can I answer my telephone and quit bothered
Can I do that
Can I explain something to you
Cut it out
Get on your lowlife gutter and stay there
Got it down
Hang up the phone and forget the number
Have you been getting calls from new years on
Hello I don't understand your conversation
Hello there
Hi buddy
I answered the phone now tell me what you want you rang my damn number
I beg your pardon
I beg your pardon I didn't understand you
I beg your pardon not again even understand what you're saying
I didn't call a number my phone rang
I didn't call anybody I just picked up the phone
I didn't call you
I didn't call you
I didn't call you but i'm trying to explain how these people do it
I didn't call your house
I don't care
I don't cuss
I don't either
I don't either but you're talking to me so somebody must have called
I don't have a damn thing you the one that's good cutter creek
I don't have an issue problem with anybody but please quit calling my number
I don't know
I don't know what you are who you are and I don't really care
I don't know what you are who you are and I don't really care but you're invading my privacy and your cousin at main and I don't like it
I don't know who you are
I don't know who you are and who you think I am
I don't know who you are why you calling but got merry christmas anyway
I don't know you can't help me you call maine
I don't matter who I am who is this idiot i'm talking to on the other end
I don't need your crap
I don't understand what you're talking about
I don't understand why you're calling maine
I don't understand your wife either I don't know who your wife is
I got nobody to cuss
I gotta call it says you're in oklahoma yet your husband or somebody says you had mississippi
I guess I might sound familiar 'cause i'm a southerner
I have a cousin who lives in tulsa
I have a lot of cherokee relatives that live in your state also
I haven't called your house i'm the one who picked up the phone and said hello
I know other people that were born in fort worth
I know what what is how can I explain it any simpler to you
I live in ruckersville virginia
I raise my son
I said i'm in the central part of virginia
I still didn't understand you
I use the sheriff's department
I was born in fort worth
I wish you could bought in my telephone i'm trying to watch TV
I wish you knew what number you call because I think you're calling the wrong number
I'll let you talk to my wife and you tell her why you're cussing at maine
I'll let you talk to my wife maybe she can talk some sense into your head
I'm basically a neighbor you are
I'm eighty two year old man
I'm eighty two years old
I'm eighty two years old and i've survived along downtime the way you're going you're not gonna make it very far
I'm eighty two years old why should I cuss
I'm in virginia
I'm in virginia
I'm just gonna hang up if you don't tell me what you want
I'm just laughing my telephone
I'm not being an ass i'm just getting tired of you people out there thinking you're god 's gift to the world when you're not
I'm not calling i'm answering
I'm not calling you and cussing you out
I'm not calling you i'm sitting here in my living room watching TV
I'm not calling your phone why you calling my phone
I'm not your phone who do you think you're talking to
I'm robert chandler
I'm sorry
I'ma text him now
I've gotten calls it's like I got this call it said it's from oklahoma but it's not some oklahoma
I've heard a lot of stuff in the most of it is much trash OK
If you're in idiot
It's kinda screwy I guess
Let me explain something to you
Listen boy
Listen i'm in virginia I don't know who you are
Listen you mother fucker
My caller ID says you live in oklahoma
My son is done a lot better than you have eat a whole lot nicer than you are he doesn't go around calling people all the damn time
No I think you should get off the phone and find yourself something constructive to do as an entertainer
No i'm in virginia
No one 's called me then why did my phone rang
No one is playing games with the phone unless you are
Now quit calling my damn number and leave it alone
Now they persecute people
Now this the telephone company knows about this and the federal government knows about this to the point where they've even give it a name called spoofing
Now you tell me what the hell you are i'm gonna hang this phone up
OK big daddy
OK cracker
OK if you come over here and i'll show you what the matter
OK well your telephone number came up is oklahoma on my ID
Prices are you people bothered my home phone number
Put it down i'm trying to be nice to you
S P O O F ing
So on the neighbor
Some kind of screwy thing going on
Sounds like we both doing the same thing
That look don't you call up your custom and my husband
That's right
That's right i'm an eighty two year old man i'm proud of it
The federal government knows about it but they don't seem to want to try to put a stop to it
The only reason i've answered the phone is because I have relatives in oklahoma and I thought it might be them
Then why did my phone rang
There are a lot of lot of weird people out here and you might be included this war album if you're calling us and custom herself
There is on the internet of a bunch of trolls
There or ma'am or whatever the hell you are
There's some people on the internet that have some some electronic programs at their disposal or they can call people around the country and then cause the telephone ID to come up that says that some
They have a program in their computer which allows him to dial numbers anywhere in the country and put in as the caller ID any particular telephone number they want to
This is my private phone number now get rid of it
This is who
Wasn't sure if department of watt
We don't have anything to do with this damn old thing that's going on
We haven't been out for four days
Well how do you know maine
Well I don't understand you rang my telephone and I picked it up
Well i'm talking to you what DLC you want
Well i'm trying to be nice to you and explain what's happening
Well merry christmas to you
Well right now it's midnight won the world you want
Well that's all I did was answer my telephone
Well that's nice i'm i'm glad you're snowed in too
Well then now why are you thinking of maine
Well what is on your mind
Well who are you
Well who is this
Well you're fucked up somehow goodbye
What do I do to deserve to judge other people
What insurance department
What is on your mind
What the hell is that supposed to mean
What what do you want
What's on your mind you called me and I shut up or get off the phone are speak
When you make more since I guess I can talk to you again
When you speak slowly an one syllable at a time so I can understand you
Who are you
Who are you
Who are you and what's going on
Who do you think I am
Who is this
Who is this for crying in a pocket
Who the hell is this
Who you calling
Why are you ringing my number
Why did you call me
Why don't you put dialing my number and go somewhere and play a game with a gutter rats
Why I have funny sense in my head
Why you calling maine
Why you calling my number
Why you calling my phone
Why you calling on me on a sunday afternoon
Will you please quit calling me and leave my phone alone
Yeah i'm eighty two years old but I was born in fort worth
Yeah that's me who is this
Yeah you are because you're coming in on an unknown block number call
You bastard
You better check the numbers that you called because you not talking to anybody that you know
You call maine
You call maine
You can argue with that canyon
You get just got her ass out the girl shut up
You get your black ass down in the gutter and stay there
You get your black ass out in the garden shut up
You gotta some funny fast ideas are playing games at night on the telephone don't you
You shouldn't be upset like that
You take care
You there
You were up in aboard an above board and really doing what you say you can't think you doing then your number would come in along with your name
You're being a victim of the internet people that persecute people
You're the one who made a call
Your mayor of big daddy 's pizza is that what you said