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Alright, near convoy of other drivers were delivering some kitchen supplies to the Community Center and then some kids. They started throwing rocks at the trucks and then Heidi went off up ahead an...
And I blacked out the last thing I remember and then I woke up here, sign up my coffee.
And I don't know he yeah, yeah.
Buried you have to help me have to help him breathe.
Chicago OK.
Compared in a coffin in the ground and I need help. Please send help. I'm begging you.
Considering truck driver for Creston, Roland and Thomas.
Don't be sorry, just help me.
Fuck you bitch.
Fuck you ha.
Fuck you.
Ha ha ha OK.
Has Paul Paul Conroy
Help me help me what are you doing right now to help it?
Help me.
House, but here.
I don't fucking know.
I don't know. I'm not coughing underwear. Please help. I'm scared.
I need you. I need you to contact the National Guard right away or how the Pentagon tell them that we were attacked in the dial profits in Baqubah.
I'm a driver for you guys. I'm calling from Iraq.
I'm a truck driver. I work for CRT.
I'm a truck driver. I work with CRT, Crestin, Roland, and Thomas. My with my convoy was attacked and only held for ransom.
I'm an American citizen working in Iraq. I would take it hostage. I need to speak to someone right away.
I'm buried in a box.
I'm buried in a coffin. Please help. Send someone to find me.
I'm buried somewhere.
I'm calling from Iraq. I'm buried in the desert somewhere.
I'm from Hastings, MI. I'm a driver for CRT. My convoy was ambushed by terrorists or insurgents. I don't know. I don't know who it was. I'm stuck. I'm buried in a coffin in the ground and I need he...
I'm from Hastings, MI. I'm a driver for CRT. My convoy was ambushed.
I'm not a security contractor, I'm just a truck driver, that's all.
I'm only gonna ask you one more time to get me this number. And if you don't I'm going to die.
In Baquba, in the Diala province.
In the dial apartments in Baqubah.
Is anybody there?
It's an absolute emergency.
It's hot in here and I can't breathe.
Listen to the game is safety number and it was in my wallet and I don't know where it is now.
Love how, how, how yeah.
My name is Paul Conroy. I'm an American citizen from Hastings, MI.
No no no no no no.
No no no wait wait wait.
No no no.
No no no.
No, don't put me on hold.
No, I can't breathe. Please Get Me Out of here.
No, I'm not lying.
No, no, no, I don't know.
Oh ha.
Paul Conroy
Paul Conroy
Please help.
Please send help right away. I can't breathe in here.
Please you have to listen to me. I'm a truck driver American.
So somebody I need to talk to somebody right away, it's an emergency.
Stop just please stop. I'm just a guy. I'm just a truck driver. OK I'm nobody that makes decisions about anything I just want to go home.
Trucks trucks the trucks you see driving around with supplies. That's me, that's us, that's all.
Wait wait wait wait wait Wait wait Wait wait wait.
Wait, hold on. I don't know what you're saying. I don't know who is this.
What difference does it make?
What the hell do you think, lady?
What's the point of all this?
Who cares who this is fucking crazy?
Who cares? I'm buried in the middle of the fucking desert.
Yeah, can you hear me out please help.
Yeah, it's an old wooden coffin.
Yeah, yeah in a coffin it's over wooden box in old wooden coffee.
Yes yes alright.
Yes, I think that's a fair assessment of the situation. You fucking Dick.
You're sitting in an air conditioned office is easy for you to say you're not stuck in a copper look. Hot to have desert.