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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Believe it.
Do you know who you call?
Do you know who you even talking to?
Don't call this phone number that you prepared to say who you are, where you at.
Don't call this phone number.
God bless you, cracker.
I'm having a serious conversation with you, man.
If I know what you had to be in a whole bunch of data, but I believe it.
Man, whatever.
Mess with me, you're gonna get what you're looking for.
No worries bro. We know where I got so we got something for you man.
Play nobody call you man.
Playing and then they have to do man.
So I could come and get you what you need.
So you get your neck broke.
Stay where you are, where you at and then you could talk to me like a man about this.
Talking to you.
Tell me where you want it for like and let you get your hands on me.
We are letting them in.
We found that the number how late man?
Whatever we will see.
Where you at where you at man?
Where you at?
Where you from where you at?
You don't normally, you ain't even got no problem. You can't afford OOB S123 phone number like you wanna calling card itself.
You go do it to yourself.
You need to buy your son play with bro.
You would get knocked the fuck out playing with me, man.
Your cock sucker 'cause you ain't got nothing to do.
Your momma.