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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A paper copy. Remember, you just gave your name on it. You dumb son of a bitch.
Around what the fuck are you doing now? You fucking Pussy bitch?
Because you're being paid motherfucker.
Construction, huh?
Forecast of a list. I'll be waiting for your bitch.
Guess what, they still at police Department's already all over your fucking ass.
Hello hello hello hello this is Frank Garrett. Hi hello yeah here you won't cell phone OK my name yes if your mom had unit or play with his young the world is your mom would kill the worms crawling...
Hookers on mine. I feel like I fucking bitch usually while you put chickenshit Ellison Quicksilver Bridge.
I don't have anything please Department give me your name I'm gonna come to your house and I must get my shotgun so far up your ass about the top your fucking head off you Pussy mother fuckers.
I don't know how much you mother fucking me up. You can't sucking mother fucker.
I hope you know you don't push it.
I will fuck you, gave share not but this translator. He giving me your God damn address buddy.
I've got a tracer on my phone.
Imprint motherfucker.
It's called you at 6:00 o'clock in the morning.
Mother fucker.
Nobody fucking college you punk, you just called me bitch.
Oh they have the fuck is this?
Oh, I hope you know you don't push it would started this shit I've got a tracer on my phone and the more you talk the more information I get about your name, your number, your address and everythin...
Oh, you want directions?
Sorry man, I'll show you how big of a bitch I am you sonofabitch in cock sucking. Mother fucker.
Take the first left on the payment pass.
The more you talk, the more information I get about your name, your number, your address and everything else.
Want to come over so I can fuck your big job with your brother up your asshole, bitch?
Want to play in my house and show me how big of a stupid muscle cramp?
Why don't you come fucking perfect?
Yeah you are.
Yeah you are.
Yeah, you got me figure I got you figured out too. Thank you. You been online for a minute now. Now I've got that. Racism, comma, coffee.
You're very pretty. You're a fucking moron, you sonofabitch