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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Apolgize or its gonna be a warpath
Dont hang up on me
Finally i got you on the phone you weasel
How about i give YOU some mukluks up your but
How did he know i fell off my roof
How did u know i fell off the roof do i need a restraining order
I caught him coming outta my toolshed
I dont got all day im gonna kick your ass
I dont want your beads or your fuckin mukluks
I know that guy thats with you
I payed 120 dollars for the lawnower its mine
I wanna get to the bottom of this
I wanna speak to that guy
I want my goddamn fuckin lawnmower back
Ill feed you a tubesteak covered in underwear
Ill make the offer and you see if you wanna do it
Ill make u suck a wet fart and hold it
Im from norway house ill be down there next week
Im gonna catch you, and your gonna wish you were in jail
Im not dumb just cuz im native dont mean im dumb
Im not fuckin happy about this
Imma turn them into anal beads and bring a tranny for hot beef injection
Irishman im a native
Its gonna be on like donkey kong
Leroy FUCKIN sinclair
My lawnmower is gone and he fapped in my toolshed
My weedwacker and hedge trimmers are gone too
Some boxes of beer and some whiskey or somthing
The coincidence that you suck a fart from your gramps ass
This is leroy again
This is leroy sinclair
This is Leroy why did you steal my lawnmower
This is leroy whyd you hang up on me
U r profiting from impersonating me
What i wanna know is why he fapped in my shed
When leroy calls me its only you on the phone
Which of you is pretending to be me
Who am i speaking with
Whos pretendin to b me
Why did you FUCKIN hang up on me
Why did you hang up on me
Why r u fuckin pissin me off
Wny are you impersonating me
You dont want the tribe comin were not above scalping
You have a kind face the kind that gets hit with cumshots n balls
You r late with the payment im charging 2 cartons of smokes as interest
You wanna impersonate me gimme some royalties
You're the one pretendin to be me
2 boxes of beer and abottle of whiskey a week
75 dollars how bout i give you a tubesteak