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A severe wind advisory is in effect up ahead. Thanks for the heads up, but no little breeze is going to slow me down.
Am I ever going to get to the top of this tower? I warned you before we got here that it was a long way up. Yeah, but this place is so huge, we even had a loading screen back there. You're going to...
And I won't need it.
And that's the end of them. Are we there yet? Good job and no, not yet. But there's just a little ways to go. Ohh and I have a special treat for you up ahead.
Apparently underworld monsters value relaxation too. But why can't they relax somewhere else? This is my special me time.
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Are we there yet? Are we there yet? No, we're not. No, we're not.
Aren't I a little low to be flagging down a galactic chariot? It's not like those chicken wings of yours are really helping any. Yeah, yeah. Don't worry, I've got a great plan. This ought to be goo...
Be careful you don't step on any landmines. I'll do my best. Mine certainly are useless on floating underworld monsters. Yes, yes, I'm quite aware of that. Defense really isn't your strong suit, is...
But you are no warrior Angel. Tell me. Why do you fight? I fight for Lady Palatina and I fight for the people under her protection.
Cool. It's a path made of light. Well, this is a nice design flourish. No, it's a practice track for the Lightning chariot. It's not for amateurs.
He was an honorable warrior. Don't let his death be in vain. Now let's go save Palitana.
Hey there, grind rail. Time to give these barking dogs a rest.
Hey, it got lower. Keep knocking it down to reveal a way forward.
Hey, there's an oversized bowling ball and some ugly bowling pins. My troops are worthy sacrifice for the sport of kings.
How convenient. Oh, I'm so pleased that it meets your approval.
I admire your conviction. It speaks to the deep reservoir of strength within you. But it also proves you're very foolish, and though you may be a servant of the heavens, I will show you no mercy.
I could have been blown to smithereens, but you weren't. Look on the bright side.
I think I might be stuck. Yeah, looks like it. Just stick with the direction and he'll get out eventually.
I win, win, win. Well done. Done. Done.
I'm ready to roll.
I've got a heaping helping of underworld goodness for you, pit. He's saying that more enemies are on their way. Clever, huh? Yeah. Well, I whipped up a club. Your face sandwich. Hope you're hungry.
If you want the lightning chariot, you must prove your worth. You need 2 unicorns to pull the lightning chariot. That means you have to defeat the chariot master and get the other one. That won't b...
It is cruising the Chariots headed for its home base. Stay on it.
Jump pads will help you over any gaps in the walkway. Man climbing this tower is really a pain. Ohh, someone sounds like he wants a piggyback ride.
Look at me go. Come on. Eloquently put us always.
Look, the chariot master has an exo tank. Maybe he's a gearhead or a nerd.
Many birds, one boom.
Now, what do we have here? It's time for my minions to do their thing, underlings. I'm offering 100 gold for the pots's head. The names pit. Yes, I know, your tenure as a ring doesn't seem to have ...
Ohh great. You're the guy I'm looking for. Listen, I have a favor to ask you. Would you mind if I borrow your cherry for just a little while? Your foolishness is matched only by your rudeness. How ...
OK, so we've got rolling obstacles and don't forget the jump pads. Something seems familiar about this. I guess the chariot master has played Donkey Kong.
Pete, I have some exciting news for both of us. The chariot master is just ahead, so you can finally stop asking me if we're there yet.
Score hop on in pit.
So are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? You know that saying that there are no bad questions. Well, there are and this is one of them. We are not. But I do wish there was a way to ...
So basically you're telling me to slam a horse card into a brick wall? Sure, if you want to put it crudely. Which means I might die. Well, anything's possible. Does the Lightning chariot at least h...
So is there an elevator in this tower? Ohh. Would Prince Pitt like me to scatter rose petals in his path too? Listen, this is the only way up, so you'd better get a move on.
So the Lightning chariot is in this tower, huh? Who dares trespass on my domain? Leave before you get hurt. Who said that? I've had many names in my life. But now I am called the chariot master.
So what's all this? These are patterns formed by galactic particles. Beautiful, aren't they?
Strike, yes.
That's not reason enough for an Angel. Ohh you to question my reasons. My choices are my own and I choose to serve the goddess of light.
The force field around Palatinus temple is incredibly strong. We're going to need to borrow the Lightning chariot. That sounds awesome. It's a super fast battle carriage that travels the Galaxy. It...
The Lightning chariot grab the reins on Foss there. Gee, thanks. You misunderstand. This is no gift.
The terrabot is pure mechanical broad wrapped in an adorable package, so decimate anything that gets in your way. Consider it done.
The underworld has taken position up on top of the pillars. Well, what goes up must come down.
The underworld presence is very strong. Huh. Do you think they're after the Lightning chariot too? Huh. Here it comes behind you pit.
Then let's get to rescuing Palatina.
This pillar seems to have gems stuck on it. What should I do with them? The same thing you always do, shoot them?
Those floor panels alternate between hurting you and not hurting you. They don't seem to have any effect on those underworld enemies, though. Odd, that's a known issue. It'll be resolved in the nex...
Uh. Are we there yet? Yes, if by there you mean at a maze, but it's not that big so you shouldn't have much trouble.
Underworld troops on the scene. I'll send in some backup. If they get in your way, I'll pull them out. You know, you can be really nice when you try.
Walking is for chumps. Up you go. It's like watching a roller skating chicken. Don't even pretend that that's not awesome.
We understand each other, then we do.
Well, hello again, friends. Hades. Not you again. Just look at the two of you sneaking around behind palatina's back. It's classic. Shut your mouth. What do you want, Hades? The Lightning chariot, ...
Well, this is a nice design flourish practice track for the Lightning chariot. It's not for amateurs.
What? It gives me such pleasure to see you suffer. Pitty pat. Just ignoring pet. The Lightning chariot is up ahead. We've got to get to it before the underworld does. Both the Lightning chariot and...
What? What? What is this? A huge hot spring? You're not the only hot spring fan.
What's happening to you? I seem to have drowned in your reservoir of strength. You've proven yourself worthy of my lightning chariot. I don't want it to end this way. This is the only way things ca...
Whoa. It's solid ice. Using an ether ring should keep you from slipping around. Why does the cherry master have a vehicle of the gods? Isn't it obvious? Are you saying you're a God? I'm not saying ...
Woo Hoo.
You'll need to ride that platform to move forward. You know what's weird for Eddie? What? There sure are a lot of Underworld troops here. This tower does seem to be lacking proper defenses. Any rif...
Your movements might be limited, but you can still dash and dodge dodge out of the way, then let him have it with a Power Pack dash attack. I can only assume that he wants you to pull out all the s...
3215. Ohh.