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Alright, is this the place? It's perfect.
And the boss I owed sold my debt to Duke, who's been forcing me to cook it off. But those days are over.
Be careful though, muscle that stuff is military grade. Those vamos eggheads will have military grade security that go with it.
Between this and getting Duke's new cook to work for us, I'd say we are now officially the best game in town.
But it's out there and people are buying it and it's enough to cut into our profit margins.
But you see, I fell into some debt during a high stakes game of mahjong back in Vegas.
Control tower to flight WH34. We are closed for a moment. We've got a bunch of. Looks like Gators.
Ernesto muchos, welcome to. Jackson, Duke Industries.
Excellent Workman fryer.
Fend off the French Quarter dragon, the Baron of Bourbon Street.
Gentlemen, I give you ridiculously explosive material.
He was always calling that big construction site Uptown. He's happy place. I'd start there.
He's going to cook it for himself. Or wait, no, no, worse. He'll sell it to the highest bidder. No, no. Worst, they'll reverse engineer the formula.
Here's the deal. Jackson Duke is flying in a new cook to replace me. Ah, I've heard of the man. He's surprisingly decent.
Here's the plan. Go to the Vamos rooftop and wait until the shipment arrives and then commandeer the vehicle.
I also happen to know Fiddlesticks supplier and his supplier likes me better so he told me where their shipments are coming through.
I shall text you the GPS coordinates and then you can you know. Do what you do best.
I've certainly never heard this individual's name before today.
It's basically a crude compound of bee stock, crushed peanuts and plumbing fluid bound with ammonium chloride.
Let us head to the airport. I'll fill you in on the way.
Let's get out of here.
Long years of work ending up in the hands of Philistines muscle. You've got to get it back.
Man, if there's something we don't need, it's more violence in New Orleans, New Orleans, New Orleans, whatever.
No, that's the bomb.
Ohh excellent. My bolero, my ninth Symphony. You saved it. Good work muscle.
Ohh infinite gratitude dear friend. This will greatly improve our operations.
Ohh, most excellent. I love fertilizer. Makes your plants radiant and your explosives explosive.
Ohh, my magnum opus. Gone. I had the Philosopher's Stone in my hands and my protege stole it.
Or he could narcotized the whole city at once. Ohh you see that the whole city under the influence.
Or he had a real good deal on beef stock. Or ammonium chloride man. In any case, we better destroy it all. He could hurt someone.
Scan before you ask, yeah, that's the thing I can do.
Should be smooth sailing on my end for a while. Will ring you should anything arise until then, Hannah.
So I hear that you and Alan are conspiring to rebel against the mighty oppressor.
So the good news is, I happen to know that this bubbling crude is the work of a trailer park Prince who calls himself Fiddlestick.
Take the wheel, I'll track the chopper.
The intent is up there. Get as close as you can and I'll tell you once I get a signal.
There's a new concoction on the street.
They're all the tarmac. Yeah, we're sending a clean up crew, but please divert to the coordinates we've uploaded. OK, thanks. Over.
This was a rush job, so might want to be a good citizen by driving carefully and obeying all traffic signs and signals.
We'll never know why Jackson produced so much of it. I bet on insecurity. He's scared of losing his cook again.
We've heard so many good things about you. Your product is fantastic. We can't wait to have you working in our lab. Let's get going.
Well, if you can provide me with space to pursue my experiments as a land promised, well, then count me in. My allegiance is yours.
What a joy to shake off the shackles of indentured servitude.
Which means we can't have him making magic dust for the bad guy, so we are going to divert the helicopter on which he is arriving.
With quantities like this, Jackson has enough to feed his Juggies for years.
With the drug we're talking about, it would just make everyone feel overly aggressive.
Woohoo, selfie.
Yeah, that carbon felonica would turn my fast food diner of a cook lab into a 5 star restaurant. Let's take it. And by, let's take it. I mean you take it.
Yes, perfect. He's landing next to the Dome. Let's get over there.
You and Alan now have yourselves an official farm. A genius. I shall be in touch.
You were alive. No sweet liberation.
You'll take this small radio and head up to the roof to the main signal antenna. Once you're up there, I'll hack in through the radio.