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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A bezoar is a stone taken from the stomach of a goat an
A car crash a car crash killed lily and james potter
A few years ago there was a one wizard who went as bad
After all he who must not be named did great things ter
Ah hagrid! the usual i presume
Ah professor i would trust hagrid with my life
Ah right then hmm right okay gryffindor!
Ain't a soul knows how except for me and dumbledore
Ain't no one gonna get past fluffy
Alas! earwax
All i ask is for something in return
All right percy you first
All right there harry
Alohomora standard book of spells chapter seven
Alright harry you take the empty bishop's square
Alright what are the 3 most crucial ingredients in a fo
Also our caretaker mr filch has asked me to remind you
And between you and me that is saying something
And did he seem interested in fluffy well of course he
And does mr harry potter have his key
And finally it takes a great deal of bravery to stand u
And now as i understand it the house cup needs awarding
And slytherin will help you on the way to greatnesses n
And smile!
And the boy hagrid is bringing him
And the points stand thus in fourth place gryffindor wi
And then if you please she went and got herself blown u
And third to mr harry potter for pure nerve and outstan
And to ensure it doesn't happen again all four of you w
And to think i've been worrying about my potions final
And trust me if snape's cloak hadn't caught fire and br
Another 10 points to gryffindor!
Another year gone
Any rule breaking and you will lose points
Anyone here my sweet
Anyone that stood up to him ended up dead
Anything off the trolley dears no thanks i'm all set
Apparently not
Are the rumors true albus
Are you okay yeah i'm fine
Are you sure that's a real spell well it's not very goo
As long as dumbledore is around harry you're safe
As long as dumbledore is around you can't be touched
As such i don't expect many of you to appreciate the su
Assuming that my calculations are correct i believe tha
At the end of the year the house with the most points i
Back again harry
Be that as it may it was an extremely foolish thing to
Bertie bott's every flavor beans
Bertie bott's every flavor beans they mean every flavor
Besides according to professor mcgonagall we're to be g
Best do it at a bit of a run if you're nervous good luc
Best not to mention this to anyone harry
Bit early for mail isn't it but i never get mail let's
Bless my soul it's harry potter!
Bletchley passes to captain marcus flint
Blimey harry didn't you ever wonder where your mum and
Blimey is that the time
Blimey you're not still on about him are you
Blown up you told me my parents died in a car crash
Bludger nasty little buggers
But before you can take your seats you must be sorted i
But everyone knows its the dark arts he fancies he's be
But hagrid how am i to pay for all this i haven't any m
But hagrid how did you get one
But hagrid we're not allowed to do magic away from hogw
But hagrid whatever fluffy's guarding snape's trying to
But he doesn't understand i'm never alone never
But he got himself bitten that's why he's limping
But he's weak he's living off the unicorns
But i think i could be safe with a nice toffee
But nobody lived once he decided to kill them
But one thing's absolutely certain something about you
But remember this harry
But some of them are quite a bit bigger than last year'
But that day during the quidditch match snape tried to
But then flamel he'll die won't he
But where to put you
But who would choose such a life can you think of no on
But why am i famous hagrid all those people back there
But why would anyone go near that dog
Can you hear me it's just i've never talked to a snake
Can you imagine the look on old mcgonagall's face if we
Can't make any promises of course rough game quidditch
Can't tell you harry hogwarts business very secret
Careful now it's coming back
Castle to e4!
Catch the key!
Caveat smeltonia
Change of plans my parents decided to go to romania to
Come back down this instant!
Come here potter! now!
Come on
Come on fang
Come on harry one minute
Come on hermione!
Come on now hurry up you'll be late train's leaving go
Come on now i'm a bit preoccupied today
Come on! come! come look it's my parents!
Come on! platform 9 and 3 quarters this way
Curious very curious
Dad look! harry's got a letter! hey give it back! it's
Daddy's gone mad hasn't he
Dear mr potter we are pleased to inform you that you ha
Devil's snare devil's snare it's deadly fun but will su
Did you hear that
Did you see his face maybe if the fat lump had given th
Didn't think your mum and dad will leave you with nothi
Dismal once again my request to join the headless hunt
Do something! what anything!
Do you like yours ron ron
Do you mean to say that thing that killed the unicorn t
Do you really think it's safe leaving him with these pe
Do you think it wise to trust hagrid with something as
Do you wanna stop snape from getting that stone or not
Does anybody feel like we shouldn't be here
Does it seem a bit quiet to you
Does that mean with the stone gone that is that voldemo
Don't be a fool why suffer an horrific death when you c
Don't you see we had it wrong
Dry up dursley you great prune
Dumbledore is particularly famous for his defeat of the
Each pack's got a famous witch or wizard i've got about
Essential bit of equipment harry
Even with snape muttering his little countercurse
Everyone out of the way!
Everyone step up to the left side of their broomstick c
Everyone will please not panic!
Everyone's to keep their feet firmly on the ground whil
Excuse me professor perhaps i heard you wrong
Excuse me who are you
Eye of rabbit harp string hum
Eye of rabbit harp string hum turn this water into rum
Famous fire eaters fifteenth century fiends
Fearfully fascinating subject
Feels strange to be going home doesn't it
Filch is gone probably thinks this door's locked it was
Fine day sunday in my opinion best day of the week
Fine just so you know he's a bloody coward
Five points will be awarded to each of you for sheer du
Five points will be taken from gryffindor for your seri
Flamel nicholas flamel where are you
Fluffy that thing has a name of course he's got a name
Follow me everyone keep up quickly come on
Follow me!
Fool get the stone!
For example oculus reparo that's better isn't it
For the discovery of the twelve uses of dragon blood an
For your information potter asphodel and wormwood make
George sweared he got a bogey flavoured one once!
Get off! they're my letters! let go of me!
Give it a wave
Give it here malfoy
Give it here or i'll knock you off your broom!
Give me that!
Give me that! give me that letter!
Go get the post go!
Go go go go!
Go on on with you on with you now
Good afternoon class
Good afternoon harry
Good afternoon madam hooch
Good evening
Good evening professor dumbledore
Good luck harry potter
Good luck today potter
Good of you to get us out of trouble like that
Good oh and enunciate
Good you can help harry then
Gryffindors follow me please keep up thank you
Gryffindors keep up please and stay alert
Guarding something that's right
Ha! another weasley! i know just what to do with you
Ha! here's the little devil
Hagrid always wanted a dragon he told me so the first t
Hagrid we know he's after the stone we just don't know
Hagrid what exactly are these things
Happy christmas
Happy christmas harry
Happy christmas ron
Harry do you know why professor quirrell couldn't bear
Harry do you think this mirror shows the future how can
Harry i know what you're thinking but don't
Harry it's you that has to go on i know it not me not h
Harry no way! you heard what madam hooch said
Harry potter
Harry potter can't tell you how pleased i am to meet yo
Harry potter! follow me
Harry this is professor quirrell he will be your defens
Harry wake up! come on harry wake up!
Harry what is it
Harry you never told me your father was a seeker too i
Harry! harry! happy birthday
Has anyone seen a toad a boy named neville's lost one n
Have a lovely day at the office dear
Have it your way then
He of course never trusted me again he rarely left me a
He received an urgent owl from the ministry of magic an
He said it was hogwarts business very secret
He will not be going there! we swore when we took him i
He'll have to be trained up a bit of course
He'll not be going
He's boring
He's going to go and look in the library for informatio
He's going to sacrifice himself
He's going to the finest school of witchcraft and wizar
He's not relaxing is he apparently not
Hello harry hey hagrid
Hello hello
Hello norbert
Hello professor i didn't see you there
Hello sir nicholas have a nice summer
Hello there firenze see you've met our young mr potter