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Snd armor
Snd blade fury
Snd bow fast
Snd bow long
Snd composite sword heavy slash1
Snd composite sword heavy slash2
Snd composite sword heavy slash3
Snd composite sword stance
Snd composite sword whip
Snd disk
Snd knife
Snd musket shot
Snd musket shot
Snd perk hunger claws
Snd sawblade
Snd sawblade
Snd sawblade
Snd sawblade long
Snd sentinel set hit
Snd sentinel set1
Snd sentinel set2
Snd sentinel set3
Snd shoker2
Snd shopshuriken
Snd shopshurikencatch
Snd shuriken fly
Snd swish nunchaku1
Snd swish nunchaku2
Snd swish nunchaku3
Snd swish sword1
Snd swish sword2
Snd swish sword3
Snd swish1
Snd swish2
Snd swish3
Snd swish4
Snd swish5
Snd swish6
Snd swish7
Snd sword pierce
Snd throwing