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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Are you professional or not?
Christian Bale Alright
Christian Bale Answer
Christian Bale No
Christian Bale No 3
Christian Bale We’re done
Christian Bale WTF is it? 2
Do you want me to trash him?
Fuck sick, you're amateur
Fuckin Ass
Good for you
Good for you #good for you #oh good for you
Good for you 2
How was it?
I hope it was fucking good
I never had a vp behave like this
I want you off this set, you prick
I'm not asking, I'm telling you
I'm tellin you
Kick your fucking ass
Shut the fuck up!
Think for one second
What don't you fucking understand?
What don't you get about it?!
WTF is it with you?!
You don’t fuckin understand
You're a nice guy but.
You're a nice guy but..
You're un fucking believable
You've got something to say to this prick?