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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And what's better? That means the map's working.
Bracing for impact?
Careful, mighty breath, man, that mouthwash contains 99% danger and 1% fat.
Cheer up, sweetie. It's not the end of the world yet.
Congratulations sweetie. You got the good deed stamp and all the magic dust. We are so proud of you.
For your high jump, Timmy, next time you hit a ramp, jump.
Go get him, Timbo.
Go Tammy. Go Tammy.
Good idea Timmy. Keep em coming.
He faces maneuvers.
Here we blow again.
Here we go again.
I really don't see how this helps.
I thought the cola wars were over.
I'm so proud of you, dear. Keep it up.
It can't if King Luigi is behind it. This looks like his work. We'd better be careful.
Jimmy, learn the germs pattern and maneuver out of its way.
Keep it up Timmy, you are doing great.
Kimmy, the Bush is not your friend. Avoid it.
Kiss this stuff nighty night.
Let me drop that down, Timmy. Untouchable. Make it happen.
Look out to me, those vultures think your lunch.
Looking good, Cosmo? What's your secret?
Maybe you didn't. You returned the book of Kingly Kings and preserved the sanctity of the tomb. Then you looked fabulous doing it thanks to your stylish yet comfortable khakis. Go Tammy, go khakis.
My readings indicate this is a bad idea.
Nice work, sweetie. Those portals are signed, sealed, and delivered.
No, let's try to avoid that in the future.
Not if Timmy makes good wishes to counter your rotten ones.
Not my best work.
Not this time, sweetie. You rocked the Colosseum last time around, but we've got to seal that portal.
Oh dear, this isn't going well.
Ohh my that Mama squid took the rules and left her baby behind. We'd better take it back to its mother.
Our sensors indicate the rules passed through a portal in this sector, but the parent ship will try to stop us from getting there in one piece.
Portal closed. One last thing on today's To Do List that just leaves World Peace and dry cleaning.
Sign in.
Sweetie doc.
Sweetie, I don't see what you're going for here.
There's a rail Timmy. Get ready for it.
They jumped through that portal. That's how it's been traveling through the space-time continuum. We'd better seal it so the rules can't travel back here after we're gone.
They've diverted their power to the cookie launchers. Try disabling them with your milk blasts.
This is the end of time Timmy.
This must be where the rules keep slipping off too.
Those schools are a major headache. Try using your whip.
Timmy, you got the good deed stamp and all the magic dust. You couldn't rock harder if you tried.
Timmy, you've got all the magic dust. Keep going, you're on a roll.
Tommy, you grounded the parents ship and put an end to their cloning scheme. You're out of this world.
Two isn't always better than one, you know.
Way to go, Timmy. You put the pedal to the metal.
We're in the 1840s, during America's big gold rush. People from all over the country flocked here in search of gold and riches.
Well, at least it can't get worse, right? Better not answer that.
Well, that one's going in the record books.
Well, this time you've got your fairy godparents helping you. There's no way you can lose unless the pressure gets to us and we all choke. But what are the chances of that?
Woah boy, this isn't going to be pretty.
Woohoo El Stinco del belgio.
Wow, Timmy, you got all the magic dust. You really dusted the competition. It's dust. Another day at the office for you. There's no other. Well, you get the idea.
Yeah, what he needs is a lucky rabbit's foot. That's always good luck.
You did a great job on this level before Timmy, but we've still got to collect the magic dust.
You go, boy.
You know, I feel so bloated. Does this nostril make me look fat?
You made short work of that space top.
You might want to get some of that magic dust if you can.
You're getting pretty good at this level. Mighty breath, Timmy.
You've done it, Timmy. Franciscus is conceding. That means he gives up. You win.