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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Alright, here's the deal. Junk town. It ain't what it used to be. The only reason it's still here is because of my gambling establishment. Even so, Kilian's been breathing down my neck. And I'm sta...
Alright. We can do this. But you work for me. You better know that nobody ever double crosses gizmo and lives to talk about it. You got me.
And let me guess, you're that someone.
Did you finish the job yet?
Get outta here, you idiot.
Get your buddy in here and sit down. We got some business to discuss.
Gillian, the mayor of this town, thinks he knows everything well. And we'll just see how much he knows what we.
Good return with the dog tags he wears around his neck. It's proof. And we never had this conversation. You don't mention this to anyone. No one double crosses me. No one.
Hey, I won't repeat myself again.
Hey, what the hell do you think you're to tear off her arms?
Hey, what the hell do you think, Judge? It's so Terry's arms off.
I don't know what you're talking.
I don't know who you are, but I don't take kindly to strangers walking into my office and accusing me of things they know nothing about.
I don't like it when people insult me in my own place is ohh show our guest the door through the wall.
I don't like people who waste my time. Don't come back again soon.
I I don't feel like talking about that right now.
I knew you'd see it my way. As proof, I want the dog tags Killian wears around his neck. You get them, you get your money. Now just get and don't cross me. I still got the kneecaps from the last on...
I would, but there must be no connection between me and Killians and fortunate devise. It.
If I want your advice, I'll beat it out of you.
Let's see the dangs.
No problem. I take him off your dead body.
No tags, no money. You come back without the tags again and Izzo gets creative with your anatomy. Now get out.
Ohh yeah. Ohh yeah. Izzo's got your money. Yeah, this is good, you know. Hey, hey. You should leave town for a while, you know, just in case.
One is OK two is too much and that was too. So give me a 70 caps.
Really. It's gonna help. What kind of help are we talking about?
Sorry you feel that way. Not as sorry as you're gonna be, though. Can't let a word in his get out his Ohh. Show our newfound friend what we do with people who say no to me.
Such as?
That's easy. I want him dead because he cramps my business. So what are you doing for me?
That's Kilian's place in the North End of town. He sells crap.
That's me, stupid. I run the gambling establishment here.
Then give me the dog tags.
Well, he has unfortunately been demised.
Well, how can I trust you?
Well, most people gamble here. You ask stupid questions.
What do you want? I'm a busy man.
What I think is you're gonna take him out for me, you know, no witnesses, just in over out.
What? Are you deaf? I said.
Would you like to know?
Yeah, maybe you're right. I think you're worth more 1500.
Yeah, you know, you're a crummy liar. Now go get the tags. I don't wanna see your face until you've offered Killian.
You don't leave town, you end up under it. Got me?
You don't need to concern yourself with that.
You kiss your mother with that mouth. Show some respect.
You know I don't like it when people insult me in my own place. Is ohh escort our guest out. Through the window.
You know, I found something very interesting after you was last year. If there's one thing I can't stand more than a lousy pepperoni pizza, it's a snitch, boys.
You're back. You know I had to hire someone else to do your work. That didn't make me happy. In fact, Izzo will show you just how unhappy I am. I hope you had a nice day. It's your last.
You're either real stupid or a real stupid spy. Doesn't matter because now is who's gonna make you real dead?
1000 caps, no more, no less.