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A couple hours went by dad wasn't home so mom called the office no answer
A song a song high above the tree with a voice
Actually the competition's
Alex I came to get my tree
All I could get for it was 36 dollars!
All I know is that i'm positive that I closed and locked the door
All of them
All right bye bye
All right hold still
All right keep an eye on them giz i'll be back in a second
All right let go of mommy's coat
All right my father gave me one as a present
All right we're gonna have to make a run for it okay one two three!
All right you stop that! stop it!
And all of a sudden there were five new ones like this one
And i've taken up some sewing on the side
And if you would accept it i'd like to give you this small token
And keep him away from water don't get him wet
And probably the most important thing don't ever feed him after midnight
And that's when I noticed the smell
And what's that
Are these things real
As for you you mangy cur i'll get you when you least expect it!
Attack of the Christmas Tree #christmas tree
Attention christmas shoppers
Attention christmas shoppers saturday morning at 8 30 we'll have santa claus for all the kiddies
Barn barney
Barney shut up!
Barney who did this to you hold on i'll get you down stay still
Barney! barney! barney will you get off of her
Be careful dear
Be careful frank! he might tear your arm off
Be careful!
Be my guest
Because I mean I was just wondering if you're not doing anything this thursday night maybe you'd like to go out on a date with me
Because i'm the sheriff asshole
Before you call the repairman turn on the lights check all the closets and cupboards look under all the beds because you never can tell there just might be a gremlin in your house
Better keep him behind locked doors because if I catch him he's in for a slow death
Billy are you okay where are you
Billy haaa!
Billy in the department store
Billy is that you
Billy it just hatched
Billy you need a jump
Billy! (2)
Billy! (3)
Billy! hurry up!
Blink your eyes
Bright light! bright light!
Bright light! bright light! (2)
But I made sure that it
But mr corben had second thoughts he gets so sentimental about the holidays
But the most important rule the rule you can never forget no matter how much he cries or how much he begs never never feed him after midnight you got it
But you didn't listen and you see what happens
By the time i'm 25 i'm gonna have mr corben's job
By the time i'm 30 i'll be a millionaire
Bye billy
Bye bye
Bye bye woof woof
Can I get you a drink
Can I hold him
Can I keep one of these here run some tests on him
Can I pick him up dad
Can we have dinner tomorrow night
Can't you see they're after you! they're after all of us! our wives our children everyone!
Careful billy
Cheery thought
Christmas carolers I hate christmas carolers
Christmas day came and went and still nothing
Christmas eve i'll pick him up on the way home he'll be here for christmas
Climb in here
Come here
Come here don't be afraid there's no reason to be afraid
Come here i'll show you
Come on
Come on barn
Come on barney be a good dog
Come on dollar bill yes here we go dollar bill
Come on giz let's go over to the table
Come on now you're not still angry about that little blood test are you
Come on out take a bite let me see you I just wanna see you
Come on we're talking cable
Come on what is it what's wrong
Come on you can spare one for the boys down at the sheriff's station
Come on!
Conflicting eyewitness reports concerning little green men
Could you dim the lights in here please
Couldn't you get mr corben to just give us a little more time
Cover your mouth don't breathe any gas
Cross your t
Dad it's really neat
Dad the reason I came up here because there's a problem with the mogwai
Dad's machines they work so well the first couple of weeks then use the sink
Deposit this to my account
Did you feed them after midnight
Did you get them wet or something
Dim the lights does it glow in the dark
Do you ever get depressed on christmas
Do you hear what I hear
Do you hear what I hear (2)
Do you need any help
Do you see what I mean
Do you see what I see way up
Do you want some chicken no all right
Does your father always give you vicious little monsters for a present
Don't ask
Don't call me that my name's gerald
Don't chew that don't chew
Don't forget we have the kingston falls
Don't start with me I got a long way to go
Don't worry about him he's with me he's not one of them
Don't worry about that smoke it'll stop it's guaranteed
Don't worry giz we'll find him
Don't you think this this is incredible!
Down there
Dr fantasy's I think
Dragon breath #bad breath #forgot to brush your teeth #dragon breath
Eating Christmas Cookies #christmas cookies #gingerbread men
Especially around the holidays why is that it's when a lot of people get really depressed
Everybody here
Everything was falling apart
Except for gizmo
Excuse me mr jones
Excuse me sir before you go I just wanted to tell you that I am truly sorry for what's happened
Excuses excuses you're just like your father i've listened to his miserable excuses for 10 years the loser!
Fantastic ideas for a fantastic world I make the illogical logical
Fine with me
First the old bat closes the factory and now it's my goddamn plow
Forget what he said he's crazy
Four or five days went by
Friends let me introduce myself
Gee billy where can I get one of those
Get in there and be quiet
Get out of my kitchen!
Get the kid some water
Get them off! get them off! help me!
Getting kinda close to christmas
Give him to me i'll take him to the kennel they'll put him to sleep it'll be quick and painless compared to what I could do to him
Give me a vodka martini shake don't stir
Give me your arm boy come here come on
Give me your arm no this is not gonna hurt
Gizmo ca ca!
Gizmo ca ca! (2)
Gizmo Leaves His Box #gremlins #gizmo #cautious #coast is clear #nervous #peek #adorable
Gizmo racing sounds #gizmo #racing #daytona #nascar #race sounds #racecar #vroom
Gizmo what's the matter
Go ahead mister look around see if there's something you like
Go ahead open it
Go like that can you do that
Goddamn foreign cars
Goddamn foreign tv
Going home
Good good oh that's good
Good morning mrs deagle
Good night
Good night billy
Good night giz i'll see you in the morning
Good night good night
Good night kids
Great! thanks a lot
Gremlins Go Caroling #gremlins #christmas carol #caroling #sing #bad singing
Gremlins huh little monsters
Guess what it's time to go home now
Gusto! yum yum
Has he got a human heart wait till you see this! roll 10
Having fun
He has something to say to you
He hates bright lights
He slipped and broke his neck he died instantly and that's how I found out there was no santa claus
He was dressed in a santa claus suit he'd been climbing down the chimney on christmas even his arms loaded with presents he was gonna surprise us
He wouldn't hurt you
He's like a lot of people around here he just wants somebody to listen
Hello anderson wanna mail something do you
Hello dr molinaro can we come in please
Hello gerald
Hello gerald (2)
Hello hi honey!
Here we go here we go come on
Here we go now maybe you guys will be quiet
Here you try some of this now I know you got to be hungry
Here's mr bird's heart
Hey billy barney
Hey billy I just brought in your new christmas tree
Hey billy is that a mogwai
Hey billy!
Hey dad listen I really think there's something I should tell you
Hey doc you got a human heart
Hey doctor
Hey gang you're rolling with rockin' ricky rialto the voice of kingston falls u s a !
Hey giz you want some
Hey guess who almost applied for unemployment today
Hey guys it's been a rough night for rockin' ricky but he's still on the air!
Hey listen thanks and have a merry christmas
Hey no problem
Hey peltzer
Hey there
Hey there (2)
Hey there now don't you feel better
Hey there you remember me
Hey wait a minute what's down here
Hey! you're not a rockin' ricky fan!
Hi mom
Hi rockin' ricky my name's pete
Hi sweetheart!
Hi sweetie
His name's gizmo hi giz he's a mogwai
His too huh
Honey this is the gentleman who sold me the mogwai
Honey would you dim the lights please
How about one more beer
How about shutting up for a change okay I already fed you
How did you know
How else did she get to him
How is that comic strip of yours coming I expect to see you in the funnies with smilin' jack and li'l abner
How was your day
How would you like to bring your plow in for a tune up and find it loaded with foreign parts I mean everything gaskets pistons spark plugs all of it's foreign
Hundreds of them
I always thought everyone was happy during the holidays no matter what
I am not drunk!
I bet he'd like some chicken soup
I can get you these I can get them by the dozen if you'd like