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A letter, if you please.
Ah, not the wedge we were looking for.
All right, you got $2000, Charlie, what you got?
All the vowels are gone.
And it's a prize puzzle on top of that.
And it's also a prize puzzle, so wow, a lot going on here.
And it's turned to star.
And our first spinner will be.
And the category is.
Anybody else?
Before and after.
Choose a letter in the puzzle to pick up that wild card.
Come on, big money.
Congratulations, you've won some prizes and all that cash as well.
Did you say?
Everybody's doing well, but who will go to the bonus round? We'll find out after this.
Good night everybody.
Good start with $1000.
Got the $2000 and they'll be spinning shortly, Charlie.
Great game. Good night, everyone.
Hello. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you very much.
Hi, how you doing? We want to give away money. Right now it's toss up time, our first puzzle of the night.
I gotta go talk to these folks. See you in a minute.
I wish we could have given you that $1,000,000 but your winnings are still impressive.
I'll see you at the end of the show.
I'm afraid that's incorrect.
I'm afraid you're going to have to give that $1,000,000 wedge back. Better luck next time.
I'm sorry you couldn't solve the puzzle successfully. After all the consonants were used.
I'm sorry, no one solved the puzzle successfully after all the consonants were used.
Is going to spin.
Is making use of their wild card.
It's a car. Congratulations.
Jackpot. This is your chance.
Keep it going.
Let's look at the stats.
Looks like we have a tie. The two of you will play one last toss up to decide our big winner.
Maybe next time.
Missed out on the jackpot. Sorry.
Movie title.
No one won the right to go first, so you will.
No, sorry.
Nope, sorry.
Ohh out of time.
OK, Vanna, have a safe trip to the puzzle board.
OK, you're going to try to solve the puzzle.
Ooh, very nice.
Police say a consonant.
Remember that you have the wild card.
Remember, you have to guess a letter and solve the puzzle to win the jackpot.
RTLM E are there any of those out there? Vanna?
RTLM E Vanna.
She got both toss ups. That brings you up to $3000.
Since nobody won the toss up, you'll be starting.
So was this what you actually wanted to say?
Solve the puzzle to claim the jackpot.
Solved the last puzzle. Congratulations.
Somebody else want to give it a try?
Sorry you had to win this round to keep the $1,000,000 wedge. It was just not meant to be.
Sorry you've used all your turns. Game over.
Sorry, you can't take those prizes home now.
Sorry, your time's up.
Streaming#836 (PAT TOSS RING
Taking the safe route with $1000 per letter.
Tell me what vowel you'd like to guess.
Thank you, Charlie. Hi, folks. Thank you very much.
Thanks for playing.
That bankrupt means you'll lose the $1,000,000 wedge. Sorry.
There's going to take the $1000 per letter.
Vowels are worth nothing, but you still have the seconds.
Vowels can really help out, but no money for them.
We have a House minimum of $1000, so we'll give you that.
We have to split up now.
We need a letter.
We start with you, a letter.
We'll be back with more wheel of Fortune right after this.
We've got a solution attempt here. Let's see how it goes.
We've still got a lot of stuff to give away. We'll spread it all around, come on back.
Welcome back.
Welcome back.
Welcome everybody, to Wheel of Fortune.
What do you have?
Will be trying to solve the puzzle.
Wow. Jackpot.
Yes, there is an.
You also managed to snag the wild card. That'll be useful.
You also want a prize which is now viewable in the extras menu.
You also want to prize use it to dress your avatar in the Avatar creator.
You can stop anytime.
You didn't win at this time. Here's what you would have won.
You ended up in second place, but still with a tidy sum there.
You have to give up your prize.
You have to give up your prizes.
You have turns to try to solve the puzzle. Every time you guess or solve incorrectly, or land on a penalty wedge, you lose a turn.
You've managed to bring the $1,000,000 wedge all this way to the bonus round. Will you get it? Only time will tell. Spin that wheel.
You've unlocked a fantastic new stage. Choose it in the stage select screen to play in this new location.
You've won the money in your bank and $10,000 good work.