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Pat McFadden Soundboard

Pat McFadden Soundboard

He was promoted to the shadow cabinet in 2021 as Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury. He served as Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills in the first Shadow Cabinet of Harriet Harman from May to October 2010. He has served as Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton South East since 2005.
See also: Pat McFadden (disambiguation), McFadden (surname), Darren McFadden, Louis Thomas McFadden, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, and Bridget Phillipson.

All the governments communicating is chaos and inaction.
As far as I can see, all the Treasury sees its role as is slapping down the business Secretary.
As I said.
But during the pandemic?
Keeping a British steel industry in the future.
Let key industries go to the wall.
So it's not a huge amount of money.
The chancellor's got to be involved in these talks at the moment.
The government hasn't responded to that.
The government just stood back.
They put forward a package to the business Secretary.
We had a very unseemly row yesterday.
We now have our jobs crisis.
Well, the steel industry met with the business secretary.
Who was involved in talks with industry and who wasn't?