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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And no offense, Sisyphus, but where did those rocks keep coming from?
Are you getting the point doc?
Are you gonna fight or just stand there whistling Dixie?
Arise, arise, O creature of Ohh Harriet, who writes this belong.
Bugs ApocalypseLoon
Catch some of this?
Couch medic.
Don't look now, sister, but I'm king of the world.
Don't smudge the space helmet bub.
Don't think it hasn't been a little slice of heaven, pal. Cause it hasn't. Bye.
Fortune and glory, kid.
Funnier. Suddenly, I have the urge to defect to America.
Gee, nice view. I can almost see my house from up here.
Gets a rap. Everybody to the showers.
Golden eye. He's bloodshot eye now.
Good choice.
Ha ha ha, you called that acting?
He slimed me.
He spins. He trolls. He scores.
Hey Chumlee, go walk to your hat floats.
Hey, bugs don't sleep.
Hey, move your fat head out of the way.
Hey, you can't do this to me. I'm a movie star.
Hit the road file spirit.
Hold the line there, gladiator boy.
Hook, line and sinker.
Hot, ain't it?
How'd you like a mouthful of dynamite?
I can't hear you.
I go to Elysium. Get my bags. Will you pour?
I like a happy ending.
I told you I'd conquer Hollywood.
I win the throne, the Princess, the gold, the washer and dryer.
I'll be back, Doc.
I'll find them for five, but I'll shoot them for 10. Or is that find them for 10 and shoot them for five?
I'll see you swing for that. And I ain't talking about golf partner.
I'm gonna call in a couple of favors from some of my pals in the military.
I'm hanging 6 doc.
Illegal sites in Caesar 5 yards.
Impossible, you say. I never used the word.
It looks like I cleaned up the town alright.
It only hits when I laugh.
It's a good thing that rabbits float.
It's a sign from the gods your career is over.
It's gonna snap some sense into you.
It's small, fast and versatile, like a couple of people I know.
Locus and lodies.
Look, I'm a percussionist.
Mind if I throw you back, small fry?
Nobody does it better.
Not bad for a beginner.
Not really. My style gold was so last season.
Now that's gonna Hoyt.
Now you see him, now you don't.
Of course, back then the scripts were so much better.
Of course, you know this means war.
Oh Oh dear. Ohh Margaret. Will I never see our past or little planet? In.
Ohh can't feel my body so cold. Of all the Leonardo.
Ohh yeah this is one of my favorites.
Ohh yeah, you wouldn't say that if you was a little bit closer.
Ohh, this looks worse than normal and normal's not too good.
Ohh, you want some of this?
One for the money, 2 for the show and three for the year.
One TNT cocktail with a rocket chaser coming.
Ouch. I hope you got well paid for that.
Ouch. That's cold and solid.
Refreshing, isn't it?
Right on the nose.
See children of the night, what sweet music they make.
See you on Boot Hill.
Shake them bones, boys. Give them something to clack about.
She says this weighs a ton. The owner's got to be built like a gorilla.
Sit down with you and quit bugging me.
Slam, I'm gonna run you out of town.
So much more civilized than walking.
Somehow I was expecting more of a challenge from the undead team.
Such shocking behavior, not a.
Take a deep breath and count to 10, Horatio.
Take the plasm, anybody?
Thank you ladies.
Thanks for the vote of confidence. Sheesh.
That's a perfect 10.
The horror. The horror.
The Phantom Express from Albuquerque is nonstop.
There's a bright boy.
This is easier than calling for room service.
This is good.
This place is so old they probably have some of your jokes lying around.
Uh Doc, I don't like the looks of this.
Uh, Houston, we have a problem.
We gonna win.
Well, if you ain't already distressed, you will be now.
Well, you gotta have Craig stock. It's in the game Bible. See. Thou shalt have crates.
What do you know in the land of the undead? I'm your new neighbor.
What do you know? You were on the endangered species list.
What's up, doc?
When's the feature starting? What do you mean this is the feature?
Will you stop with the popcorn munching?
Yay yay yay.
Yeah, big gorilla.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna find your house and stamp all over it.
Yeah, your mother choose fish heads.
Yeah. Well, who's gonna live forever?
Yep, there were no stuntmen in those days. You had to suffer for your aunt.
Yes, you need some breath mints.
You again here try this on.
You are so bannish.
You are the man with no name or talent.
You hit me with the umbrella I rain on your parade.
You know, there's something strange going on here.
You know, they're probably gonna edit you out anyway.
You know, you're kind of puny for a monster. You sure you ain't a hamster?
You win. Is your brain on vacation?
You've piled on a few pounds since this was filmed, ain't you?
Your next starring role is in the air for life.