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Baby ohh my WhatsApp ohh.
Can I do good?
Can I start from here next time?
Can we go home soon?
Don't angry up my blood.
Don't crack white with me, hot shot.
Don't cry for me, Argentina.
Enjoy it while you can, your young whippersnapper.
Gangway coming through.
Go easy on me, I'm a senior citizen.
Have you got my medication?
Having trouble getting out of the Moat, eh?
Hello tell me where to stand and press the button.
Her diggity.
Hey, hey, attention. I'm a war hero.
Hey, I'm not getting any younger, though I'm getting handsomer.
Hey, the line just slanty.
Holy Jumping Caesars catfish.
Hooray for me.
Hurray, I could take on the whole lot of ohh I'm just getting old geezer.
Hurt. Diggity.
I can dress myself. Can you?
I forgot to let go.
I haven't seen anything that bad since The Jazz Singer.
I'm at all this dirt now, beating the pants off you.
I'm gonna celebrate with an extra pudding cup tonight.
I've been living in a fool's paradise.
I've seen better shots at a diabetics convention.
It's just a Dang game. You're Dang fool.
Jumping Jehoshaphat.
Leave an old man some dignity.
Let's see, we marked that a great big goose egg.
Makes you feel big, huh? Beating up in an old man.
Might you continue tormenting me this way?
My great grandpa taught me that shot. He learned it from the elves.
No, it's lousy. Pins never stood a chance.
Not to you, Mr. Roosevelt.
Now Ray Bolger there was a good dancer.
Oh, oh.
Ohh concern it.
Ohh God yeah I run.
Ohh I'm a bigger screw ups in my chest. Name Homer.
Ohh my spines all tangled up.
Ohh, happy days are here again.
Ohh, I'm a living joke.
Ohh, I'm such a feeble.
Ohh, I've never felt so alive.
One night, Sam Hill.
Perfect game.
Push the dank button so I can start my approach.
Remember the Alamo?
Shut the curve and push the button, you young punk.
Simpsons and Aim Bowling the Game.
Someone call the umpire that there was a spitball.
Stop acting like a nanny.
Sweet, merciful Mcgillicuddy.
That doesn't count. I wasn't looking.
That's how he did it back when Coolidge was king.
That's this just Sissy boots.
The Flying Hellfish strike again.
This game is evil. Pure, unadulterated evil.
Woo, my medication really kicking in.
Yeah, it's a bit of the old regimentals.
Yo, who's your feed now?
You bowl worse than Warren G Harding's dog.
You should be nicer to me.
You're right, jumping Jelly beans.
23 sketches Ohh you kid.
ええええ。 ええ?