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By using the snap feature.
Change the perspective and connect the path.
Enjoy the mysteries of this world.
First, experience the five laws that rule this world.
Good luck.
Hide the obstruction and it no longer exists.
If you want the character to move faster.
In this world, special laws apply.
It allows you to see a perspective. Travelling can be used.
It's time to enter the world of Echo crew.
Now it's time to try the game.
OK, let's try a new level.
OK, let's try that again.
Sometimes it helps to stop and think.
The 4th mystery is perspective absence.
The basic rule solo.
The character will land and whatever appears to be below.
The character will walk as if the path is connected.
The first mystery is perspective travelling.
The last mystery is perspective jump.
The mystery continues with the full game.
The object of the game is to shift the perspective and follow the echo.
The second mystery is prospective landing.
The second rule pair.
The third law. Others.
The third mystery is perspective, existence.
This is the end of the demo.
Too bad.
Use fast walk to speed it up.
Use the five mysterious laws and create a path.
Use the five mysterious laws and create a path.
We hope to see you again in the world of ECHO crew.
Welcome to the world of Echochrome.
When you have lost your way.
Where you want to jump is up to you.
Yes, in this world, what you see becomes the truth.
You may not be able to see it, but there is a path.
Your objective is to have the same coloured characters touched.