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Uber Tuber-Idaho Jones - IWL: Interstellar Wrestling League - Character Voices (Hyperscan)

Uber Tuber-Idaho Jones - IWL: Interstellar Wrestling League - Character Voices (Hyperscan)

Character Voice sounds from the Hyperscan game IWL: Interstellar Wrestling League.

A few more punches or kicks and that guy is a goner.
And just who's wrestling today? Well, let me tell ya.
And now I'll use this Uber energy I've collected.
And unknowns to all the wrestlers was secretly leeching off of the immense energy that was released in every bout.
Come on, you worthless piece of meat. The Ubatuba is ready to tenderize you.
Come on. Stop holding back. I need more Uber energy. Oh, hello.
Enough John Times a wastin.
Fiercest wrestler the Galaxy has ever known.
For the Interstellar Wrestling league, haha.
From the place that has a Sheen of clean, it's the Immaculate Palace Arena.
Get ready to get down.
Glad I'm not on that guy's list.
Good gravy. I'm glad I'm not down there in the middle of that.
Greetings and salutations, everyone. I'm Idaho Jones, ringmaster and commentator.
I like pie. I like to have pie every day.
I will be the king of the ring.
I will kick you. I will punch you. I will pummel you until there are only tiny bits of you left.
I'd hate to be in Player 1 shoes right now.
I'm baked. I hurt everywhere, all the way down to my tater tots.
I'm Idaho Jones, signing off for the Interstellar Wrestling League Tata.
I've done it.
I've secretly had my Uber energy collector hooked up in every arena.
I've sent a message to all wrestlers in the Galaxy.
Idaho Jones here with more big time brawling.
If only these wrestling buffoons knew just how they're helping my master plan. Never mind.
If this isn't the hottest place in the Galaxy, and I mean the hottest, then I don't know what it is. It's the fire furnaces ohh Fornax.
If you've got juice in your signature move meter, it's a good idea to use it.
It's me, Idaho Jones. The tater that's greater with more hot fun with the IWL.
Join me next time for another exciting bout at the IWL.
Later, Gators. I'm Idaho Jones and I'm out of here.
Let's get right to the action.
Let's meet today's fearless foils.
Look at all the punching and the kicking. Whoo.
Look at the action in the ring today, folks.
Marley, carry over. You will be especially sweet because I really don't like you.
More energy use more energy.
My master plan is getting ever closer to fruition. Did I say that out loud? Never mind.
My Uber energy collector is full.
My Uber energy collector is getting fuller and Fuller with each passing punch. Oh, look at them. Punch and kick and stuff.
No. Strike that last one.
Ohh the humanity.
Ohh yes. Can you just feel the fury? Excellent.
Ohh, after this bout I think I'll take a nap.
Player 1 scan your mod card.
Player 2 is getting shredded, and that's not a good thing.
Player 2 is handing out humility lessons.
Player 2 is taking a beating.
Player 2 scan your mod card.
Player 2, you've earned a bonus card scan.
Player one is giving out lessons in pain.
Player one is looking worse than last month's tuna salad.
Player one is putting the bomb into bombastic.
Player one is super Tastic right now.
Player one, you've earned a bonus card scan.
Player two has gone medieval.
Player two has got some powerful mojo working right now.
Round 2 wrestle.
Round 3 wrestle.
Round 4 wrestle.
Round 5 wrestle.
Round five is wrapping up.
Round four is about over.
Round one is coming to a close.
Round one wrestle.
Round three is almost over.
Round two is winding down.
Somebody throw in the towel.
Someone is taking a real beating today and I bet it's one of the two wrestlers in that arena.
That was a good one.
That's it for now. I'm Idaho Jones. See you next time.
That's it. Pummel each other good. The more energy, the merrier. My master plan.
The Galaxy hasn't seen the last of me. Ohh no. I'll be back.
The tuba.
The Ubatuba is in the house. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.
The Uber tuber will return.
There can only be one king of the ring.
There's a whole lot of hurting going on down there.
These two really don't like each other.
These wrestlers are going to town on each other.
This is Idaho Jones bringing you the best in senseless violence, featuring the wrestlers of the IWL.
Those wrestlers dress funny, but I guess it's part of their shtick.
Those wrestlers make me laugh.
To become the biggest strongest.
Today, we're live from the place that is truly a circus. It's the circus of the moon, Cirque de la Loon.
Today's insanity stars.
We'll just see who's king of the ring. We'll see.
We're in for some exciting IWL action today in the ring that's full of sting. The ring of Sting.
Welcome to One-eyed Jack's House of wax. And when I say wax, we're not talking candles, folks.
Welcome to the smelliest pit in the Galaxy. Don't try this aromatherapy at home. It's the odor Dome.
Welcome, folks, to the place that is the pits, the ooze zone pit.
When I was younger, I was just a tater tot.
Who bakes the tastiest pies?
Who is the baddest?
Who is the biggest?
Who is the meanest?
Who will it be? Join me for fantastic I WLL action.
Whole lot of something's going on down there.
Would you look at those two?
Wow, there's a lot of Uber energy being released in this bout today.
Yes, yes, look at all that energy being collected.
You are no match for the Uber tuber. Bow down before me and I might spare you.